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New Era of Networking: 4 Keys to Building a Power Network in Today’s Marketplace

Your network matters. The ability to grow and expand an influential network is valuable in every business and industry. As a former Special Agent with the FBI, every investigation relied on my ability to create relationships and creatively network up through organizations for information. In building these relationships, I captured a common ...


Send It! 7 Actions to Increase Your Value in Today's Marketplace

I first heard the term ‘Send It!’ from my wife’s youngest brother, Austin. In the moment (more on this later), I had no idea what it meant, but I knew it was not a term to describe ‘normal.’ For most people, average is enough – average mindset, average effort, and average success. The world is filled with ...


Microsoft Surface Strategy Pays Off with OEM Partners

Last year I wrote a blog post about the rising popularity of productivity-focused 2-in-1 tablets; an industry shift spearheaded by the Microsoft Surface. At the time, I noted the advantage Microsoft had due to its established presence in the segment. Although the summer of 2015 proved to be a pivotal moment for productivity-focused 2-in-1 ...


9 Strategies to Stand Out and Dominate Your Space

Success is work. It does not matter if you are a business professional, an athlete, or seeking to improve your relationships; you must put in effort to win at your craft. What do you define as success? The reality is, the world is filled with AVERAGE. Most people do just enough. Good people compete. Great people dominate. International sales ...


Introducing gapConsulting!

gap intelligence’s Market Intelligence Services are popular for a lot of reasons.

Our clients rave about the insights in our weekly Market Intelligence Reports, depend on our Pricing & Promotions data throughout the creation and execution of their strategies, and fill auditoriums to experience our Analysts’ market presentations. ...