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Connecting the Dots: A gapper Explains It All

Every year gap intelligence hosts its own internal convention, appropriately named gapCon. It’s the most valuable day of the year. This year, the theme of gapCon was Connected. The event focused on becoming even more connected with our coworkers (through an awesome game of gapper-based trivia). It was a gaptastic day and I was ...


Consumables Pricing and Promotions Report – New Year, New Data

At gap intelligence, we are always looking for ways to improve our data. We strive to provide our clients with the most accurate, thorough data available. This means we occasionally have to change the way we do things. As a data operations specialist within the printer consumables team, I helped to implement several changes to our ink and ...


Flix and Failures

At gap intelligence, we strive to provide our clients with the best, most accurate, and most timely data possible. We are constantly striving for perfection, but as a company, we understand that the only way to learn and grow is by learning from the (rare) mistakes we make. At our annual company kickoff in January, one of the PowerPoint slides ...


Words with Herbs - Adrienne Spear

Gappers are passionate people. We are passionate about each other, our clients, our community, and are inspired by life! To explore more about what drives our team, resident hedgehog, Herbie, sat down with gappers in a series we like to call: Words with Herbs.


Adrienne Spear

Will you tell us your story on how you ended up at gap ...