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The Greatness of gapCon – a Remote point of view

What is gapCon?

In short, gapCon is an annual event put on by gap intelligence that is considered to be the company’s “Most Valuable Day of the Year”! As part of the committee, I have gotten a chance to see how truly fun and special this event is for gap intelligence. Each year we pick a theme (this year it was gapConnect), ...


Smart Wrist Wearables: A Market of Many Brands

Throughout my time at gap, I have had a role in many different categories. Most recently, I took over data operations management for the wearables category. Wearables is a fairly new category to gap intelligence and is also a bit unique. While most of the processes for each weekly category that we track are similar, the actual ...


Clamshell or Convertible? That is the question.

With school starting in several weeks, or even just a few days for some, back to school shopping is in full swing. For many parents and students, this means investing in a new laptop for the upcoming school year. Many people look at form factor along with accompanying specifications and price to make a decision on a purchase. Here at gap ...


Notebooks by the Numbers

I have been a gapper for 5 years, and 3 of those 5 years have been spent working as the data specialist in the Notebook category. One of the things that makes this category so unique is the sheer volume of new products that appear week in and week out, and the duration that those products remain on the shelf. gap intelligence has tracked ...


San Diego via Colorado and Back Again

While gap intelligence HQ is based in beautiful San Diego, CA, several of our resident gappers live and work remotely in many states across the country including Boston, upstate NY, South Carolina, Utah, and most recently, Colorado! While we would love to keep all of our gappers in office, often times they do have to move away. Luckily, ...