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Amazon, the Price Perception Leader

Amazon loyalists shop on Amazon.com trusting that they are getting a bargain. The Amazon value proposition certainly includes advantages that are more unique than the simple act of offering low prices (assortment, convenience, experience, speed, ubiquity, security), but it’s this perception of low pricing that helps make shopping on ...


7 Habits of Highly Successful gap intelligence Clients

I know… Another blog about the habits of highly successful people. A quick google search will result in hundreds of “habits of highly successful___” pieces focusing on the life/work/morning/weekend/etc. habits of highly successful people/students/professionals/leaders/etc. The fact is, publishing lists of over-simplified ...


HP’s Channel Inventory Pivot and Message to the Industry

Early this summer HP Inc. initiated a pivot in its distribution strategy that will fundamentally change the manufacturer’s printer supplies go-to-market operations forever. It was a bold and surely painful decision, but also very necessary given the changes that are taking place across the print industry and considering HP’s ...


gap intelligence Webinar: State of the Wrist Wearable Market

State of the Wrist Wearable Market

Insights Into the Key Wearable Trends & Opportunities in the Channel

Thursday May 12th at 1pm Eastern / 10am Pacific

Reserve your spot in the State of the Wrist Wearable Market webinar.

Contact Chris Springfield at cspringfield@gapintelligence.com.

The smartwatch and activity tracker industries are ...


The Print Consolidation Curve

Industries consolidate. It’s a fact of life.

Industries form with generally one or two companies maintaining a monopoly (2016: ridesharing), before becoming fragmented as new competitors enter (2016: smartwatches and fitness bands), followed by a sometimes decades-long process of consolidation (2016: PCs), that concludes with a small ...