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Six degrees of gap intelligence

Almost 90 years ago, a Hungarian author by the name of Frigyes Karinthy postulated that any two individuals in the world could be connected through at most five acquaintances--an idea that spawned the notion “Six Degrees of Separation,” or today’s better known spin-off: “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” (thank you ...


Burn the Ships

Over many thousands of generations, we humans have evolved a powerful survival technique: the knack to make plans for failure and then come up with strategies and euphemisms that turn these undesired scenarios into smart ideas. We call these “contingency plans,” “just-in-case plans,” or just, “plan B.” Plan ...


gap intelligence is cool, just like Yellowstone

It’s vacation season! Hopefully you all have enjoyed some well deserved rest and relaxation this summer. I for one spent the 100 year anniversary of the National Park System at our nation’s oldest park — Yellowstone National Park. It had been more than 20 years since I had last visited Yellowstone, and I had almost forgotten ...


Who is gap intelligence?

"Who is gap intelligence?" asks the person next to me in the elevator.

It’s one of my favorite questions. I hear it from friends, family, neighbors, partners, prospects, fellow leaders in my local network, and anybody else I happen upon when I’m out in the wild - including during elevator rides. (I also regularly hear it ...


Runnin’ Down a Dream (gap’s 2018 Company Vision)

Vision and strategy can be tough concepts to wrap your head around.  It’s even tougher to create, hone, articulate, test, validate, communicate, motivate, execute, and ultimately realize your vision.  Nonetheless, any organization without one is like a journey without a destination.  You might get somewhere, but it ...