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Putting Faces to Names: gap intelligence Retail Collectors Come to Visit

Pricing from brick and mortar retail stores is a major part of gap intelligence data that helps us keep our finger on the pulse of timely, accurate, and actionable industry vitals. While many people are somewhat surprised that online and in-store pricing can vary so widely, finding and reporting these differences are of great importance to our ...


The Power of Habit & Free Food

It’s 10:58am on a Wednesday. gapper Valerie Alde-Hayman finds herself waiting around in the main area of the gap intelligence office, plate in hand. It’s likely that soon her waiting will get rewarded with some delicious Trader Joe’s snacks - maybe some cheese puffs, maybe some triple ginger cookies, or even some ...


The Unfulfilled Potential of Wearables

Are you one of the millions of people who own a Fitbit? Or a Polar watch? Have you embraced wearable technology? I haven’t. I personally have yet to see why I truly need a FitBit or any other fitness tracker. Yes, they are pretty neat little guys, but do I need a FitBit to tell me that I have only taken 20 steps on a day spent binge ...


Geekfest 2011!

This year on July 22-23, I was among the nerds, geeks, vampire lovers, TV junkies, and internet addicts who joined together and united at the yearly San Diego geekfest known as Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center. Fandom is a strong addiction and an insatiable urge! And let me tell you, having been lucky enough to grow up ...

Nom nom nom

I’ve always loved baking, but since I bought my first cupcake cookbook on Amazon about two years ago I’ve been kind of cupcake-crazy. Around that time I had just moved to Colorado for school. I found myself living in a dorm (then onto an apartment) with a poor excuse for a kitchen. I was baking-starved.

Now that I’ve moved back to San Diego, ...