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The Importance of the 3Ts

We here at gap intelligence are passionate about our values. We are, after all, a Values-led Company, and we strive to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. One way we do that is through what we call 3Ts – Time, Treasure & Talent. Throughout the year our 3Ts committee organizes events and gives gappers an opportunity to give ...


Gappers, Campers, and Dogs, oh my!

Recently, a group of gappers went on a camping adventure in the Laguna Mountains, east of San Diego. We gappers do enjoy getting together outside of the office, and we do love our pets! We’ve petitioned for a doggie day care on site, but unfortunately that has not come to fruition - something about it being against the building code, ...


To Move Forward, We Must Step Backward

A lot has changed in my almost 5 years at gap intelligence: we’ve seen gappers and categories come and go, we’ve redecorated and moved around, we’ve added processes to more efficiently deliver our #1 product – GFD.

When I first started at gap, I QC’d laser toner data. Although not the most glamorous category, it ...


Work Hard, Play Hard

One of our mantras here at gap intelligence is “Work Hard, Play Hard.” We are passionate about living life to its fullest and we believe that good times outside the office can lead to more productivity and a more fulfilling work life inside the office. My kids and I took that to heart this summer and had a fun and memorable trip.

My ...




Walking for our Future...

Recently, Gap Intelligence has been voted in the top tier of local companies for several categories (beating a certain well known North County brewery in at least two), one of San Diego's healthiest companies among them. To that end, there are two important upcoming 5k's in November that many employees are walking/running in, some are even ...