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Click Here for the Surprising Truth About What’s Inside Your Smart TV

Yes, that title is a shameless grab for your attention, but now that you’re here I want to talk about something that affects a lot of new TV shoppers without their knowledge: the OS behind your Smart TV. When most people shop for a new TV, they think about things like screen size, price, and resolution. What most people don’t ...


Creating Your Holiday TV-Buying Game Plan: What to Expect

We are currently in the midst of make-it-or-break-it time for many consumer electronics manufacturers, otherwise known as The Holiday Season. Perhaps the most visible example of this mad rush to pad the bottom line by offering deals to consumers comes from the TV industry. Questions abound in the weeks leading up to Black Friday and beyond: How ...


A True Story about Product Life Cycles, TVs, and Running

This is going to sound like the beginning of a bad joke: What do you get when you cross product life cycles, TVs, and running? In essence, you get a way to relate the market for your favorite consumer electronics (TVs!) with different aspects of your own life (running!).

The Life of a Product

Before I get into how this all fits together, I need ...


The gap intelligence TV Buying Guide

One of the perks of working at gap intelligence is that we are surrounded by industry experts on consumer electronics, and of course we take advantage of it every chance we get. It’s like having a team of personal shoppers at your disposal. On the hunt for a new washing machine? Christine can give you her top picks. Can’t figure out ...


Shifting Trends in the TV Market

Another year, another round of new TV models hitting the retail shelves.  It’s that time of year again, when TV manufacturers start to bring out their shiny new toys to tempt shoppers into ditching their old screens and upgrading to shiny new ones.  But TVs don’t really change much from year to year, do they?  ...