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Passion for Clients + Passion for Data = Interactive Tools on

If it wasn't blatantly obvious already, gap intelligence radiates passion. We are a company that is values-led, which means that we are passionate about each other, we are passionate about our community, and we are passionate about our clients. 

We're also passionate about data. When we combine our passion for data with our passion ...


AiO Printer Holiday Shopping Season to Largely See a Repeat of 2015

With less than two months to go, Black Friday will quickly arrive to officially kick off the 2016 holiday shopping season. While shoppers are most-commonly looking for deals on gifts and big ticket items, some customers may view the holiday season as an optimal time to purchase consumer- and small office-oriented all-in-one printers at a ...


“I Want More.” The Simple Statement that will Kill the Inkjet SFP

Consumers and businesses love products that serve multiple purposes. Similar to how smartphones replaced point-and-shoot cameras and “dumb” cell phones, the all-in-one inkjet will quickly replace the inkjet SFP in consumer channels. In the print industry, evidence from gap intelligence and a number of other research firms suggests ...


Epson Launches EcoTank Series in US to Address Pain Points of Printing

In August, Epson officially launched its new EcoTank range of inkjet AiOs in the US market. The lineup is headlined by the fact that it ships with high-yield inks, which are designed to last up to two years before replacements are needed. The inkjets are equipped with large, externally-housed reservoirs that hold ink volumes of up to ...


Inkjet Vendors Expected to Ramp Up Investments in Preparation for Back-to-School

While many schools just went on summer break, students and their parents will soon be shifting away from the beach section of stores and toward aisles for school supplies and dorm essentials during the back-to-school shopping season.  

In an effort to capture sales during this time, inkjet vendors will continue a well-worn BTS strategy ...