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Developing Citizens of Industry

As an analyst at gap intelligence, my role includes a variety of essential job functions including client presentations, writing industry news and product reports, market analysis, managing client relationships, and working within our internal category teams. Under the client relationship umbrella is what we at gap call industry citizenship. ...


A gapCon Like No Other

gap intelligence recently celebrated our sixth annual gapCon on July 15. Similar to previous years, the planning committee examined what the company’s needs were, with the ultimate goal of deciding what was most important for gappers to gain from the event. This year, we decided that a theme of unity would be ideal in an effort to bring ...


Ran Out of Ink or Toner? Amazon's Dash Replenishment Can Help

We live in a world of instant gratification where consumers can have almost anything delivered at the push of a button. Whether it’s getting groceries delivered, requesting transportation, or renting a puppy for an hour, consumers can have it all simply through an app on their phone. Similarly, most consumers are familiar with scheduling ...


The Pros and Cons(umables) at gap intelligence

I joined the consumables team at gap intelligence just over two years ago after being referred by my good friend and recently married Data Opper Matt Altmetz. Having no previous experience in data research or knowledge of consumables I was completely unaware of how much I would come to love my role and my consumables team.

The Beginning – ...