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"Office Depot" becomes "ffice dept"

My last name is “Vogelsanger” and it has eleven letters. It’s hard to say and even harder to spell. Vogelsanger means bird singer in German and lucky for me I have the voice of an angel. Actually, that is a total lie…my voice is absolutely awful. I had the honor of presenting at gap intelligence’s most valuable ...

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Connecting the Dots: A gapper Explains It All

Every year gap intelligence hosts its own internal convention, appropriately named gapCon. It’s the most valuable day of the year. This year, the theme of gapCon was Connected. The event focused on becoming even more connected with our coworkers (through an awesome game of gapper-based trivia). It was a gaptastic day and I was ...

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Comparing Fitness Trackers: Garmin, Apple, and Fitbit

"Hey! You're wearing an unusually high number of watches," said the tipsy guy at the top of the stairs at the baseball game.  I laughed and agreed without trying to explain. I was on day 7 of my ridiculous-looking experiment and he was the first person to state the obvious instead of just staring awkwardly.

The Experiment


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gapU's February Fitbit Challenge

It was announced at our annual Kickoff meeting in January that gap intelligence had generously purchased Fitbits for the entire office. Yes, we were all to receive a beautiful new Fitbit with the added incentive of a 'friendly' competition amongst the team. To the employee who 'stepped it up' more than any other, goes the ...

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gap intelligence, Mi Amore, Turns One Four

gap intelligence turned fourteen years old today. We’re stronger than ever, we’re getting an attitude of confidence, and we still like boy bands.  The great part is that our best days are still very much ahead of us. Our anniversary inspired me to dig around the office for gap artifacts and reflect on fourteen years of ...

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