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Inkjet Manufacturers Continue to Grow in A3 Business AiO Segment

In April, I wrote that vendors are looking to the A4 SOHO inkjet AiO segment as a place to grow their business. As it turns out, inkjet manufacturers may also be looking to the low-end A3 business inkjet segment as an avenue of growth. With that, inkjet manufacturers will continue to focus their efforts on both A4 and A3 business inkjet ...
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Panasonic’s A3 Exit - Not a Transitional Milestone

Here in the office printing analyst community, few forecast drum beats can be heard as loudly as claims of the imminent consolidation of copier vendors and the looming obsolescence of the A3 format. These forecasts have gained increasing clout during the last year as the floundering economy expedited Oce’s path to acquisition and the emergence ...
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