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Back to the Future in Ads

Recently, while researching the different histories of consumer electronic stores' advertising, I happened upon a Best Buy circular from 1996. Within the '96 Best Buy ad were loads of childhood memories, including NHL '95 on Sega Genesis, Sir Mix-A-Lot CDs, and movies on VHS such as Predator 2, True Lies, Abyss, and Young ...

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Inkjet Manufacturers Continue to Grow in A3 Business AiO Segment

In April, I wrote that vendors are looking to the A4 SOHO inkjet AiO segment as a place to grow their business. As it turns out, inkjet manufacturers may also be looking to the low-end A3 business inkjet segment as an avenue of growth. With that, inkjet manufacturers will continue to focus their efforts on both A4 and A3 business inkjet ...
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"Mixed Signals" is the gap intelligence Way

There are few things that I hate more than television commercials, yes, even the cute Apple ones.? My disdain for commercials runs so deep that I am more than willing to delay watching any television event so I can record the show on TiVo and then view it advertisement free.? This weekend for example, I was able to watch my alumni, Texas ...

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