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The Unlocked Smartphone Opportunity

The Unlocked Smartphone Opportunity | a gap intelligence Webinar

Recent trends in the smartphone industry have opened up opportunities for unlocked segment players.

Friday, April 7th at 10am PST

Reserve your spot in the Unlocked Smartphone Opportunity Webinar.

Date: April 7, 2017

Time: 10:00 am PST

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Senior Analyst Scott Peterson ...

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Apple Bites into Prepaid Market

As the world awaits Apple’s new iPhone introductions next week, the company is quietly executing a separate strategic plan designed for a lesser-known area of the US smartphone market, prepaid. Apple is renowned for its premium positioning with its range of popular flagship devices, but the last two rounds of the company’s quarterly ...

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WWDC 2016 - From the Perspective of an Apple Fanatic

One of our core values at gap intelligence is passion - passion for our clients, for our community, and ourselves. We have an obvious passion for technology, so naturally Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is an exciting news event for our company. With over 100 technical sessions, collaborative labs, consultations, and guest ...

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Comparing Apples To... Apples?

As a Data Specialist for two product categories tracked by gap intelligence, tablets and smartphones, I’ve always felt as though I’m in a unique position to observe the differences, similarities, and overlapping trends between the two markets more so than the average consumer would be. In fact, a lot of the data that I see come ...

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Growth in the Tablet Industry

If you have been following the tablet industry then you surely have seen this beast grow quickly. gap intelligence has been following the pulse of this market since the introduction of the first iPad in April 2010 and seen the market grow from 1 vendor (Apple) to 39 different vendors in the US retail channel by April 2012. The tablet market is ...
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Steve Jobs, 1955 - 2011

Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. The Apple chairman and former CEO will be admired as one of the greatest, brightest, and best innovators of the past two centuries. He made technology fun and fearlessly challenged traditional thinking for five decades. Farewell, Mr. Jobs. You have left the ...
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If you google “iPhone 5” a plethora of articles pop up in which writers have speculated, predicted, agonized, and foamed at the mouth about when the iPhone 5 would be gracing us with its presence. Many were horrified this week to learn that the iPhone 5 is not Apple’s next prototype of the world’s most beloved phone. Drum roll please…let me ...
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Kodak’s Newton May be HP’s iPhone

For over 20 years I have incorrectly predicted that the Philadelphia Flyers would win hockey’s Stanley Cup championship. I thought “Matlock 2020” would be TV gold in 2001 and just three weeks ago I packed a coat for my trip to a boiling hot Rome. Predictions have never been my forte, but after combing through some past pico-letters, I think ...

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Long Lines and Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving. Turkey Day. The fourth Thursday in November. In the consumer world, it's the day before the biggest ad and sale day in the US...that's right, Thanksgiving is the day that precedes...(lightning flashes, thunder claps, the sky goes gray)...

. For consumers looking to score a killer deal, collectors looking to well, do some more ...

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Looks like Sunny Days for Apple Ahead...

For those of you who didn?t think Apple could get any more inventive?guess what? The company recently filed a patent to put solar panels on many of its portable devices. While almost every technological company is joining in the green revolution, we can be sure that Apple will take it to the next level. Interestingly, earlier this month the ...

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Indiana Ballmer

In the early 80's, there were two big forces coming to life and this week both empires made headlines. The first, Indiana Jones. The fourth installment hits theaters today with an aged Indiana battling Soviet Union agents for a powerful crystal skull. It?s an exciting couple hours in the typical life of Dr. Jones, brushing off thousands of ...

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Apple to Rule the World

article predicts that by 2012 digital music will account for 40% of all music sold.

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Venti, Decaf, Double Latte, Four Pumps, and No Foam

How do you take a commodity product that has existed for hundreds of years, usually costs about 75 cents, is offered at thousands of locations, can be made at home; then double the price and in the process start a revolutionary business philosophy? Well, you just improve of buying said cup of coffee to such a pleasurable endeavor that people ...

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