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New Era of Networking: 4 Keys to Building a Power Network in Today’s Marketplace

Your network matters. The ability to grow and expand an influential network is valuable in every business and industry. As a former Special Agent with the FBI, every investigation relied on my ability to create relationships and creatively network up through organizations for information. In building these relationships, I captured a common ...

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Words with Herbs - Joanna Sullivan


Joanna Sullivan

How did you get to gap?

After graduating from San Diego State University, I was pretty lost on where and when to start my career search.  All I knew was that I wanted to stay in sunny San Diego and become a part of something significant. Within a few months of soul-searching, I was brought to gap’s website and ...

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Welcome to the "mind the gap" blog

As hard as I try, I am not a blogger. Blogging to me is no different than dancing. Some people trip and step on toes, others are Britney Spears. I trip and fall.

There is also no denying that everyone blogs, whether it be message board rants on Facebook or an extremely personal online diary, almost all of us broadcast ourselves online. I can?t ...

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