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Connected Cameras: Fostering the Fundamental Act of Sharing Photos

2012 has seen an influx of connectivity within the digital camera realm that has never been witnessed in the past. While WiFi-equipped cameras are not a new concept, the transformation of the technology from a top-shelf halo specification to a widely-available feature within the market is more obvious than ever. Connectivity faces a growing ...
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Your Daughter?s Wedding will be Cheaper

In my earlier post, I ranted that 2009 has started with rocket ship speed.

? One of the big reasons why I feel this is way is because I am part of the digital camera team here at gap intelligence.? Apparently, digital camera makers are not overly concerned with our suffering economy and have flooded the US market with 262 new models since ...

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Some Thursday Fun

I'm a big fan of fun. Often when I approach a product that I'm building, I don't want it just to be useful, I want it to be fun. It shouldn't just be easy to "get" it should also be rewarding, memorable and addictive. What holds true for physical product design also holds true for virtual product design.?

I draw my inspiration from many places. ...

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Kelso = Biomechanical Engineering Major

Hardly known as a PC guru or good actor,

sure can sell a camera.

in a series of commercials that pin the married man in the middle of dozens of adoring female fans.

The girls ?borrow? Ashton?s CoolPix camera to take group photos and self portraits for him to adore when they SNEAK

it back into his pocket!!!

Though Kelso didn?t inspire me to ...

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Though friends, family, and complete strangers constantly ask me for advice on buying the best electronics gadgets, I rarely plug particular products.?? I am especially bashful to give recommendations on the products that we actually track here at gap intelligence, as I myself tend to get lost in the specifications.? Resolutions, picoliter ...

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