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New Era of Networking: 4 Keys to Building a Power Network in Today’s Marketplace

Your network matters. The ability to grow and expand an influential network is valuable in every business and industry. As a former Special Agent with the FBI, every investigation relied on my ability to create relationships and creatively network up through organizations for information. In building these relationships, I captured a common ...

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Projector Market Turns the Corner

An increase in the number of active projector models may not directly correlate to a renewed strength of the overall economy, but it certainly proves that the projector market is turning the corner. Falling prices have had a negative effect on margins for manufacturers, but it seems to have also created a significant increase in consumer and ...

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the pico letter v7.02 -The Tug of War ? Recycling in a Downturn

?We are recycling not only to protect the environment, but for economic reasons as well. Disposal is simply too costly and too dangerous. The challenge is to redirect the flow of raw materials going to landfill into strengthening our declining local economies. The solution to pollution is self-reliant cities and counties.?

-Neil Seldman, ...

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