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gapConsulting: How gap intelligence Analysts Bring Value to Clients

The core of gap intelligence’s strategy and value proposition is to provide our clients with timely and accurate industry vitals in actionable solutions. Our Market Intelligence services are our clients ‘Eyes and Ears in the Marketplace,’ covering each week’s most important news and events so they are never caught ...

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Creating Our “Vacuum Lines”

Chores, most of us had them, and even more of us despised them. Growing up, I was no exception in my hatred of chores; except for when it came to one: vacuuming. I loved to vacuum. Vacuuming was far from an inconvenience for me, it was a joy. Each week when the household tasks were divvied up, I relentlessly begged those in charge to assign me ...

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What is TCO?

If you work in the print and imaging industry, you've probably heard a lot about TCO. The term TCO gets bounced around quite a bit, and can often times mean different things to different people. At gap intelligence,TCO stands for Total Cost of Ownership, our gapTCO Tool allows users to put together real scenarios to help potential ...

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Burn the Ships

Over many thousands of generations, we humans have evolved a powerful survival technique: the knack to make plans for failure and then come up with strategies and euphemisms that turn these undesired scenarios into smart ideas. We call these “contingency plans,” “just-in-case plans,” or just, “plan B.” Plan ...

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Consumables Pricing and Promotions Report – New Year, New Data

At gap intelligence, we are always looking for ways to improve our data. We strive to provide our clients with the most accurate, thorough data available. This means we occasionally have to change the way we do things. As a data operations specialist within the printer consumables team, I helped to implement several changes to our ink and ...

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How MPS Sales Technology Has Changed, but Sales Has Not

Some things seem to always remain consistent in sales (and in technology): be concise, get straight to the point, and meet people if you want the best chance of making a sale. Though my "get off my lawn” old man attitude may sound funny in today’s world of instant gratification and the electronic age, "old school" ...

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When People Stop Doing Yoga & Start Looking at Data

If you haven’t noticed in our “About Us” section of the website, gap intelligence is hiring! We want awesome people, but also want you to want an awesome company. Being a gapper takes the age old combo of blood, sweat, and tears: the blood from our annual 3Ts blood drive, the sweat from that last hot yoga class, and the tears ...

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The Pros and Cons(umables) at gap intelligence

I joined the consumables team at gap intelligence just over two years ago after being referred by my good friend and recently married Data Opper Matt Altmetz. Having no previous experience in data research or knowledge of consumables I was completely unaware of how much I would come to love my role and my consumables team.

The Beginning – ...

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be a gapper?

At gap intelligence we are driven to contribute to something bigger than ourselves and trust that our hard work will turn into something great. I have been lucky enough to call myself a gapper for almost six years. There are several things that make our slice of sunny San Diego office-life extra special.

Core Values

Our five core values are ...

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