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The email Gary Thinks Larry Page Should Have Written to James Damore

You have probably read about the “Google Memo” by now. In August, James Damore, a search engineer at Google wrote an internal memo that challenged the company’s diversity initiatives. Damore argued that Google’s politically inspired diversity initiatives had created an echo chamber that prevented critical debate. ...

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Chromebooks Gaining Momentum, Microsoft Getting Nervous

I never thought a true competitor to Microsoft's Windows OS would arrive during my lifetime. Other than Apple's Mac OS, Microsoft has enjoyed a relatively competition-free environment for the last few decades and has become the standard platform across the PC market. But, after a slow start, Google's Chrome OS is gaining momentum thanks to the ...
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China Vs Google: Round One

American’s love Google and the Chinese people made it obvious that they support Google by going to the company’s Chinese headquarters last week and leaving flowers, lit candles, and signs of encouragement. The impact of Google on this generation is incalculable, but do you believe Google is as heroic as the news is leading you to believe? Or do ...

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Who Uses the Yellow Pages?!

I came home the other day and there they were at the front door…all three of them…just laying there…the Yellow Pages. Why oh why do we still receive the Yellow Pages? As I dragged them into the house, I wondered how many people throw them straight into the recycle bin. Who uses the Yellow Pages hardcopy books anymore?

Times have changed and the ...

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Is There Anything Google Can't Do???

Want to view all available product listings? Go to Froogle.? Want to read up on the news? Go to Google News. Want to search a database of pictures? Go to Google Images.? Want to understand the financial world? Go to Google Finance.? Want to act like an astronaut and visit Mars? Go to Google Earth 5.0.? You read correctly ? Google now enables ...
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Indiana Ballmer

In the early 80's, there were two big forces coming to life and this week both empires made headlines. The first, Indiana Jones. The fourth installment hits theaters today with an aged Indiana battling Soviet Union agents for a powerful crystal skull. It?s an exciting couple hours in the typical life of Dr. Jones, brushing off thousands of ...

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Wanted: Idea for Project 10 to the 100th

I couldn?t help but notice that the technology portions of the Mind the Gap blog have been sunny on Google and Apple and fair to partly cloudy on Microsoft.?This is not?deliberate, but more a reflection of today?s industry.? Headline making innovations are not coming from Microsoft - well, at least not positive ones.? Microsoft, for example, ...

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We Ate the Cake

Open sourced uber-genius Mozilla, launched , the company's latest internet browser yesterday.? The browser is available for free download on the company's website and was the center of a relatively "controversial" marketing campaign.? Firefox asked the world to make the new browser the most downloaded application during a 24 hour span in the ...

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