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Flix and Failures

At gap intelligence, we strive to provide our clients with the best, most accurate, and most timely data possible. We are constantly striving for perfection, but as a company, we understand that the only way to learn and grow is by learning from the (rare) mistakes we make. At our annual company kickoff in January, one of the PowerPoint slides ...

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Continuing Innovation Through Continuing Education

Staying relevant in ever-changing industries greatly relies upon innovation and continued education. This is not only true for a business as a whole, but continuing education at the worker level is vital to business success. At gap intelligence we greatly value continuing education. Every gapper is allotted an education budget to sharpen ...

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Nothing Says Awesome like gapTCO

Recently at gap intelligence we did an exercise to try and identify our personal hedgehogs. You are probably thinking, "Hedgehog?! Like the animal?". Although yes, a hedgehog is technically a spiny mammal of the subfamily Erinaceinae, we at gap intelligence consider a hedgehog to be our driving force.hedgehog2

According to Jim Collins,author of the book ...
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