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“I Want More.” The Simple Statement that will Kill the Inkjet SFP

Consumers and businesses love products that serve multiple purposes. Similar to how smartphones replaced point-and-shoot cameras and “dumb” cell phones, the all-in-one inkjet will quickly replace the inkjet SFP in consumer channels. In the print industry, evidence from gap intelligence and a number of other research firms suggests ...

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Epson Launches EcoTank Series in US to Address Pain Points of Printing

In August, Epson officially launched its new EcoTank range of inkjet AiOs in the US market. The lineup is headlined by the fact that it ships with high-yield inks, which are designed to last up to two years before replacements are needed. The inkjets are equipped with large, externally-housed reservoirs that hold ink volumes of up to ...

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Vendors Target On-the-Go Professionals with Mobile Inkjet SFPs

As a declining number of users are printing at home, inkjet manufacturers are working to grow sales of inkjet devices by focusing their efforts on other new segments. While inkjet manufacturers have found an opportunity for growth in the business inkjet AiO segment, vendors are also focusing on the mobile inkjet SFP market to target on-the-go ...
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Inkjet Manufacturers Continue to Grow in A3 Business AiO Segment

In April, I wrote that vendors are looking to the A4 SOHO inkjet AiO segment as a place to grow their business. As it turns out, inkjet manufacturers may also be looking to the low-end A3 business inkjet segment as an avenue of growth. With that, inkjet manufacturers will continue to focus their efforts on both A4 and A3 business inkjet ...
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Vendors Find Growth Opportunity in A4 Business Inkjet AiOs

Amid market disruption and a continued decline in home printing, inkjet vendors are working hard to change business customers’ perceptions and increase demand for business inkjets. In the SOHO market, customers have historically associated inkjet AiOs with home and photo printing, as well high costs and slow speeds. On the other hand, these ...
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HP Adapts with the Quest to Save Ink

Anyone who knows a thing or two about printing will be quick to tell you that inkjet-based printers are struggling to sell against their laser counterparts. It’s true. As printing shifts away from the home and more toward the office, businesses of all sizes are looking for faster devices, fewer printer interactions (large paper trays, huge ...
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NFC Gains Support in Inkjet Industry

It’s no secret that mobile device usage is directly impacting the inkjet industry. Vendors are looking for new ways to differentiate their inkjet AiOs with added connectivity capabilities to complement a growing market for smartphones and tablets. Vendors are also adjusting to a shift in content consumption and productivity from PCs to mobile. ...
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Who Said Inkjet Technology Was Just for Printing?

Apparently a group of researchers at NC State think differently. They?ve combined the adhesive proteins found in the glue of marine mussels and printer inkjet technology to develop a medical adhesive that is both non-toxic and biodegradable. They are leveraging the inkjet technology to gain greater control of the adhesive placement during ...

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?The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world he didn?t exist.? - Baudelaire

About a year ago, the locals say, was the first time anyone had witnessed it. Hundreds gathered and squinted at a web cast presentation of an inkjet printer that would turn the world upside down. A little inkjet that could print 60 pages-per-minute, ...

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