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Target Takes a Stand!

After becoming the most vocal retailer against showrooming, Target recently dropped Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle eReaders and the Kindle Fire tablet, citing “conflict of interest” as the motivation behind its decision. While many in the industry were quick to point to Target’s growing relationship with Apple in explaining the bold move, I ...
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Owning A Signed eBook – Yes You Read it Right… A Signed eBook!

Remember standing in those long lines to get your books signed by your favorite authors and the excitement of meetingthem in person. Well now consider this, with the recent emergence of eReaders and advent of ebooks, how are you going to own a signed ebook, or more important to the industry, how are publishers going to replace the valuable ...
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iPad to Kill eReaders - Not Yet!

Apple last week launched its much hyped iPad tablet, selling approximately 300,000 units on the first day. The company also announced that at least one book was downloaded within several hours of the purchase of each unit. Several online blogs announced that the iPad would be the eReader market leader and called it the ‘Kindle Killer’. The ...

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gap intelligence worldwide conquest continues

Just to recap, gap intelligence is a market intelligence company that helps manufacturers of imaging and printing products stay on top of their markets.

We function as the “eyes and ears” in the marketplace for our clients and follow products, pricing, promotions, advertisements, specifications, end-caps, and POP stickers in every possible ...

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eReaders Everywhere

During my store visits a couple of weeks ago, I came across a new highlighted product category that is available in most stores—yes, you guessed it right – eReaders. eReaders are one of the hottest product categories this holiday season and promotional displays are currently seen at most consumer electronics and mass merchant stores.

One common ...

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Thin is Good

Everything in the Land of Nerdy is a buzz right now over the quickly improving quality of e-books.

Sony and Amazon, the two main e-book manufacturers and industry whips of the technology are both readying new e-book players. Sony?s latest Reader, the eloquently named PRS-700, uses a touch screen display that allows users to turn pages with ...

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