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Lessons from the Trail to the Office

As an avid hiker, there are many lessons one learns out on the trail that can easily be applied to office life. Whether you are a manager or leader in your company, these lessons can provide valuable insight to putting your best foot or hiking boot forward.

Life on the trail makes you incredibly aware of yourself and personal surroundings. ...

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How Big Data is Evolving our Data Analysis

There’s a good chance that if you are reading this blog or have been on gap intelligence’s website before you’ve heard the term “Big Data”. Today, data is inundating most work places. We have more data about anything and everything than we’ll probably ever know what to do with. Big Data applies to the ...

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The Importance of the 3Ts

We here at gap intelligence are passionate about our values. We are, after all, a Values-led Company, and we strive to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. One way we do that is through what we call 3Ts – Time, Treasure & Talent. Throughout the year our 3Ts committee organizes events and gives gappers an opportunity to give ...

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A Look into the Emerging Realm of VR & 360-Degree Capture

Following the consumer electronics industry at any distance, you will have undoubtedly been exposed to the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) as a hot new showcase technology for vendors. Interestingly, VR touches all of the product categories that I track as an analyst at gap intelligence, including cameras and camcorders on the 360-degree ...

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Keep Calm and Read On at gap intelligence

As a kid, I was always told that reading was fundamental. It is through books that we gain knowledge, insight and new ways of looking at the world around us. As an adult, this fact still remains true. Here at gap intelligence, gappers are encouraged to peruse our own library with it's wide array of topics from Excel shortcuts, to ...

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HP’s Channel Inventory Pivot and Message to the Industry

Early this summer HP Inc. initiated a pivot in its distribution strategy that will fundamentally change the manufacturer’s printer supplies go-to-market operations forever. It was a bold and surely painful decision, but also very necessary given the changes that are taking place across the print industry and considering HP’s ...

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Lexmark has Lost a Quarter of its Value Since July – What Just Happened?

I decided to write this blog about Lexmark following the company’s absolute pummeling in the stock market – the Lexington-based company has lost about 28% of its market value since July 20.  To the casual observer, Lexmark’s Q2 report was not all that terrible – the company re-emphasized its strategic path toward ...

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Runnin’ Down a Dream (gap’s 2018 Company Vision)

Vision and strategy can be tough concepts to wrap your head around.  It’s even tougher to create, hone, articulate, test, validate, communicate, motivate, execute, and ultimately realize your vision.  Nonetheless, any organization without one is like a journey without a destination.  You might get somewhere, but it ...

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gap intelligence’s 3Ts hosting the 3rd Annual Blood Drive at Liberty Station

For those who may not know, 3Ts, which stands for Time, Talent and Treasure, is our committee dedicated to giving back to the local community and contributing to something bigger than ourselves.

We have organized a variety of events from our biggest, our annual golf tournament, to working at a food bank, beach clean ups, toy drives, charity ...

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Why did I buy this again?

In a typical Marketing 101 class 10 years ago, a simplified description of the sales cycle would be something like this: develop product, identify sales channel, gain placements, market, sell.  While there are obviously a lot of nuances to this process, it seemed pretty straight forward; find a store that fit your customer base and then ...

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HP Makes a Smart Channel Move with Exclusive Portfolio

Even the most keen industry observer may be surprised to learn that HP is in the process of launching upwards of two dozen new laser and inkjet business printers.  Designed exclusively for its gold and platinum Partners, these new models are based on existing product families and are designed to sell in managed (e.g.  contractual) ...

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Inkjet Vendors Expected to Ramp Up Investments in Preparation for Back-to-School

While many schools just went on summer break, students and their parents will soon be shifting away from the beach section of stores and toward aisles for school supplies and dorm essentials during the back-to-school shopping season.  

In an effort to capture sales during this time, inkjet vendors will continue a well-worn BTS strategy ...

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gappy Tumblr 7: gap Groups #problems and #perks

Part of being a gapper means being a member of multiple different teams, departments, and culture clubs. These groups can encompass who we work with in our daily jobs, who we collaborate with to expand our culture, and even who we go to yoga or volleyball with. Because there are so many different groups at gap, sometimes we don’t ...

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MOOCs Offer a Way for You to Never Stop Learning

At gap intelligence, employees are encouraged to develop their personal and professional growth. From attending seminars to workshops to classes, employees have choices as to how they can learn, develop, and grow. MOOCs are a great choice for employees to continue learning with their busy schedules.


What’s a MOOC you ask? MOOC ...

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Tour de Japan

Part of the gap intelligence team landed in Japan last week for the business printer and supplies analysts to give on-site presentations to current and prospective clients and it has been a whirlwind of business, food, fun, and adventure.  This year’s trip was scheduled for 10 days, and by the time this blog is ...

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Are Engineering Geniuses our Modern Day Architects?

Turn any corner and you’re likely to hear the latest buzz surrounding the Internet of Things (IoT).  According to google dictionary, the Internet of Things is a ‘proposed development of the internet in which everyday objects have network connective, allowing them to send and receive data’.  The IoT is a rapidly ...

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April Fools!

Since today is April Fool’s Day, I decided to poll some of my fellow gappers on April Fools jokes!  We have a few jokesters here at gap (though not as many as I’d originally thought) so I took to asking the people the best April Fool’s joke they ever played on someone, or had played on them.  The answers I got are ...

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Shifting Trends in the TV Market

Another year, another round of new TV models hitting the retail shelves.  It’s that time of year again, when TV manufacturers start to bring out their shiny new toys to tempt shoppers into ditching their old screens and upgrading to shiny new ones.  But TVs don’t really change much from year to year, do they?  ...

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gappy Tumblr 6: National Days of March

Alright gappers, 2015 is in full swing and in case you haven’t checked the calendar, March is fast approaching! You may be wondering to yourselves, “How can I be an even more awesome gapper than I already am, and live each day to the absolute fullest?” Well I’m here to answer that question for you, with the ...

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3rd Annual Drives for Rides Golf Tournament is in Full Swing

The 3rd Annual Drives for Rides Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) hosted by gap intelligence takes places on Friday, May 1, 2015 at the Riverwalk Golf Course. As a values-led company, gap intelligence believes in giving back to the community. We are passionate about ourselves, our clients, and our local ...

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Design, the Next Area of Innovation for Notebook Makers

The earliest and most important technology event of the year has come and gone, and it brought with it some products and technologies that left our mouths wide open. CES 2015 saw launches and announcements by major and not so major manufacturers, including an overwhelming number of notebooks and tablets.

I attended the show for the 5th time this ...

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Go, gap, Go!

2014 was a relatively quiet year for gap intelligence. We didn’t make any drastic changes or reinvent ourselves. We didn’t launch a volley of new services and tools. We just stayed the course this year.

What we did do in 2014 was focus on the things that we do best. We focused on our data and how to collect data with nine-nines (99.9999999%) of ...
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“All I have learned, I learned from books [that I read in the gap Book Club]” - Abraham Lincoln

I’ve always heard that the human brain is like a muscle--the more you work it out, the stronger it gets. And no matter how weak or strong it is, there’s always room for more growth. On the flip side, it seems the latter is also true. The more we use our brains for mundane and passive activities, the more they atrophy and become increasingly ...
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Now & Then - A Month of Innovation

What do Benjamin Franklin, born in January 1706, and the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 have in common?BFranklin

Benjamin Franklin is known for a lot of different things…he is among the Founding Fathers of the United States, a politician, postmaster, inventor, scientist, and much more. While he may be most known for inventing the lightning rod and ...
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gapForecast: What to Expect from the Print Industry In 2015

There are a lot of reasons to feel confident in what 2015 has in store for the print industry. The economy (at least in the US) is looking as strong as it has in recent memory, there are a number of interesting strategies and initiatives emerging, and many vendors in our industry are now posting solid profit and revenue growth. However, there ...
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Super Bowl Stats Inspire how to determine if a Laser Cartridge is Remanufactured or Compatible

2015-01-13_1147_i_love_statsI love a good statistic. The numbers have such a way of drawing you in to make you read more, because what good is a stat without a fun fact behind it? This is a great time of the year for stats because the Super Bowl is right around the corner, and it’s impossible to watch football without hearing a couple dozen of them. I also have some Super ...
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Televisions and Black Friday: Like Peanut Butter and Jelly?

If you happened to hit the stores in the morning hours of Black Friday this year, you may have noticed that things seemed rather quiet. In fact, after the scrum of Thursday evening, Friday’s shopping hours seemed downright civilized. As photos and observations from gap intelligence analysts began filtering into gap HQ on Friday, I began to ask ...
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Want a Refill?

Over the last seven years, ink refilling has gone through some ups and downs, and as this point, it remains questionable how popular the non-OEM option will remain long term. As the service became more popular several years ago, national and regional retailers began offering ink refilling to customers in-store as a low cost option. Retailers ...
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Office Depot Enjoys a Successful Honeymoon as Strategic Challenges Loom

November 5 marked the one year anniversary of the merger between Office Depot and OfficeMax. Following this milestone and the company's quarterly earnings report on November 4, both Office Depot insiders and industry watchers have expressed a surprising amount of optimism despite Office Depot's challenges.

There are many reasons to view the ...
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Vendors Target On-the-Go Professionals with Mobile Inkjet SFPs

As a declining number of users are printing at home, inkjet manufacturers are working to grow sales of inkjet devices by focusing their efforts on other new segments. While inkjet manufacturers have found an opportunity for growth in the business inkjet AiO segment, vendors are also focusing on the mobile inkjet SFP market to target on-the-go ...
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gappy Tumblr 5: How to be Zen

September 22nd marked gap intelligence’s second yoga challenge at Yoga Six in Point Loma. A handful of gappers have been committed gap-yogis ever since last October’s yoga challenge, including yours truly. While I was a skeptic of yoga in the beginning, I've learned to love it and all the health benefits that come from it; ranging from toning ...
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Decline of Digital Cameras in the OSS Channel

Digital cameras have it rough in the retail channel these days, as do retailers themselves in some regards, as both adapt to changes that connected technology brought to the way we take pictures, and the way in which we shop. Across the retail landscape, the historically vast presence of digital cameras has waned in recent years as chains ...
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Making a Difference One Trail at a Time

Purpose. Everyone thinks about what their purpose is whether for themselves or for their business.

I just read Roy Spence’s book It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For and why businesses should be driven by purpose. When that purpose is strongly believed by the leader of a business and believed and supported by employees that purpose is ...
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gap Babies (Part II) – There Must Be Something In the Water…and it’s traveled all the way to Uzbekistan

A little over a month ago, I wrote a blog about all of the gappers in gap’s San Diego office that have recently had babies, which was so much fun. Now I am writing part II, to feature the two babies of our Uzbekistan counterparts!

gapper parent: Timur
Baby’s Full Name: Amaliya Gabdrakipova
DOB: October 27th, 2012
Age: 2 years
Weight at ...
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Shelf Share: A Revealing Research Tool

Whenever someone asks me to describe my job as an industry analyst, I tell them that what I essentially do is market research. Market research is used as a tool for a variety of purposes, but the kind of market research that I do involves the “Four P’s” of marketing: products, placements, prices, and promotions. One trend that I return to time ...
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HP: Waiting for Big Wednesday

HP_webos_OSSI loved WebOS.

When former HP CEO Mark Hurd bought Palm’s mobile operating system in 2010, I thought that the company had struck gold. Everything about HP and WebOS was dreamy. WebOS was one of four mobile platforms in the marketplace, but with HP’s business model WebOS was a legitimate contender.

HP’s advantage was that it could potentially ...
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Fantasy Football: An Unpredictable Statistical Fiasco

In my blog post this week, I will show my findings from a regression analysis done on the correlation between Rushing Yards in a given game vs Defensive Rushing Yards Allowed. Fantasy-Football Contrary to popular belief, Fantasy Football is not a game of complicated stats, but a game of simple choices made in your initial draft and the subsequent lack of ...

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gap intelligence adds forecasting to its services with Quixel Research acquisition

For Immediate Release
Contact: Elizabeth Ireland
Stalwart Communications
(858) 922-9983

gap intelligence adds forecasting to its services with Quixel Research acquisition
- Move expands clientele and reporting, adds scalability within industry -


SAN DIEGO – September 8, 2014 –

gap intelligence, a values-led market research ...
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gap Babies– There Must Be Something In the Water

According to a recent analysis of gap intelligence, there seems to be “something in the water” at the company. During the last 15 months, there have been 6 new additions born into the gap family. Babies always seem to bring so much joy to people, and we have certainly felt that here at gap. Every time one of the babies comes through, you can’t ...
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The A4 MFP Revolution and Its Channel Challenge

One of the most prevalent hardware storylines in recent years has been the increased emphasis placed on A4 MFPs among A3-centric manufacturers and within A3-dominated channels. This A4 MFP revolution has largely come from traditional “copier” players expanding their lineups in an effort to achieve better portfolio balance, capture more page and ...
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HP Commits to Instant Ink Program with Expansion of Pro Service

Earlier this year, HP announced an expansion to its Instant Ink program with Instant Ink Professional. The professional leg of the program is for the company’s Officejet Pro X printer line, which was originally announced in February 2013. Instant Ink has been a huge area of focus for the OEM since its September 2013 launch nationwide at Best ...
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Inkjet Manufacturers Continue to Grow in A3 Business AiO Segment

In April, I wrote that vendors are looking to the A4 SOHO inkjet AiO segment as a place to grow their business. As it turns out, inkjet manufacturers may also be looking to the low-end A3 business inkjet segment as an avenue of growth. With that, inkjet manufacturers will continue to focus their efforts on both A4 and A3 business inkjet ...
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Twice: Overall TV Shelf Placements Dip

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Twice: Sears, Samsung Tops In July 4 Ads

New York — Sears and Samsung dominated the Independence Day period in appliance print ads, a study by TWICE market research partner Gap Intelligence showed.

According to Gap home appliance analyst Christine Boersing, Sears accounted for about 21 percent of all retail advertising activity for the holiday period of June 29 to July 11, with more ...
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Introducing the Weekend Warrior!

To kick-off the summer season ahead, we here at gap intelligence are unveiling a brand-new component to our blog series...the Weekend Warrior! As a company and as collective individuals, we each strive to contribute to something bigger and better than ourselves day in and day out. Within our office walls and out into the world, our passions, ...
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Go North Herbie!

Nothing says summer like a trip to Alaska. While many were basking in the California sunshine, Herbie headed north to Canada this summer where he was met with clouds, rain and cold weather. From Vancouver, Herbie then embarked on an Alaskan adventure for a week and returned to Vancouver for a few more days of sightseeing. Come travel along to ...
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gap intelligence named emerging business of the year by the San Diego Chamber of Commerce

-Market research firm recognized for revenue growth, culture and staying power -

SAN DIEGO – June 24, 2014 – gap intelligence, a values-led market research firm, announced today it was named “Outstanding Emerging Business” at the recent San Diego Chamber of Commerce 2014 Small Business Awards.


The firm was specifically recognized for its history ...
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Catching Up with the Aftermarket at the RT Imaging Summit

At the end of May, I had the pleasure of attending the RT Imaging Summit, hosted by Recycling Times Media (RT). The event was designed to discuss questions and issues faced by the North American remanufacturing market, and (hopefully) provide attendees with solutions. Around 100 people attended the event, a pretty respectable turnout for the ...
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Scott’s One Cool Thing: Mastering Timelapse with Michron

Some of the most innovative ideas in today’s imaging realm can be found as campaigns on Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform. The site is a boon to ambitious startups with bold and creative ideas that require an extra push from consumers like us to become a reality. One of these ideas that successfully materialized into a finished ...
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Satya’s Search for the Meaning of Microsoft

In interviews during the final months of his life, Steve Jobs gave some of his best advice on business as well as his harshest criticisms. Jobs’ most potent venom was aimed at once innovative companies that had lost their way by promoting the head of sales to the head of the company. Jobs’ most specific example of an innovative company gone bad ...

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Herbie Takes a Road Trip!

If you’re reading our blog here at gap intelligence, then chances are you probably already have a good idea of who Herbie is and what a significant part he plays in gap culture. All of us have gotten well acquainted with the little hedgehog and travel with him to some pretty far places. So recently when I planned on a little road trip up the ...

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wellness the gap way


Last week San Diego Business Journal recognized gap Intelligence as one of the top 3 ranked companies in its Healthiest Companies Competition!


Huge shoutout to Cesar and Keenan, the wellness directors of gapU, who have really amped up the wellness program within the last couple of months. gapWellness now offers the following:

New and improved ...
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Retail Data Collector #9: Caren from Raleigh

In the past few months my role here at gap intelligence has changed significantly. I have recently reduced my hours to be part time in order to better adjust to life as a “single mom” to my 11-month old son while my husband is on deployment with the US Navy. With this change, my involvement with retail collections has decreased. But with that ...
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Smart TVs are Determined to Stay On Top

Brand new TV models for 2014 have been filling up store shelves over the past several weeks, tempting consumers with the latest features, slimmer profiles, and increasingly elegant designs. One of the main attractions for the past few years continues to be Smart functions, and manufacturers advertise their TVs’ capabilities front and center on ...
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gapNews: Samsung, LG Tops In Tablet Fridge Sector

twiceSAN DIEGO —Refrigerators with embedded LCD touchscreen displays have been around for well over a decade, predating today’s ubiquitous tablets.

The earliest models were largely showpieces, with high price tags and limited functionality. But with the advent of the smart appliance market, majap makers, notably LG Electronics and Samsung, have ...
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Dynamics of The PC Chip War

It is well documented that the desktop PC category faces a number of challenges, more so today than ever before, and because of that, AMD and Intel’s battle for share has become even more fierce. A look at the PC market using data from gap intelligence’s PowerPivot-based Desktop PC report shows that Intel, which has always dominated the market, ...
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Camera Market Returns from Four-Year Ride Bruised, but Wiser

Digital cameras have it rough these days. Statistics being released from numerous industry sources are continually quantifying the decline in digital camera sales and shipments over the past years, which at this point has become very real to many photographic industry players. Competition in the marketplace from devices like smartphones, ...
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SCIENCE (and the healthcare industry)

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a huge science goober. My time is generally split between the lab and here at gap. While busy, I absolutely love both of the things that I do. My research ventures into neuroimmunology, where I focus primarily on immunotherapy to combat glioblastoma multiforme, the most common form of brain cancer. ...

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HP Targets Color Growth with New Products and Aggressive Pricing Strategy

It’s no secret that HP’s printing division has been very busy over the past six months. In the middle of the company’s strategic five-year-turnaround, HP is looking to strengthen its market leadership by updating its product portfolio and evolving its strategy with a focus on growing its color installed base.

The vendor has more or less ...
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Using PowerPivot to View the Dynamic TV Marketplace

While playing around with our new PowerPivot TV file recently, I found myself thinking about the upcoming 2014 TV refresh season, and the increased concentration by the manufacturers on 4K TVs. How does the Ultra HD market look compared to the “regular” HD market, and will that change in the months to come?

Retail Shelf Share

The new PowerPivot ...
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HP Takes Lead in Touchscreen Laptop Market

Since the arrival of Windows 8 in October 2012, the notebook industry has been adopting touchscreens at an alarming rate. In fact, touch-enabled notebooks now account for 56% of total notebook placements in the US retail channel. What a difference a year-and-a-half makes!


Acer and Asus embraced touch functionality faster than any other ...
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second annual Drives for Rides golf tournament!!

Drives for Rides2


gap intelligence is a values-led company. We care. We care about our clients, about each other, and about our community. Our Time, Talent, and Treasure committee (3Ts) is driven to inspire community impact through charitable opportunities. On May 2, 2014, we will be hosting the second annual Drives for Rides golf tournament to ...
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Defining the Industry, One Cartridge Type at a Time

The aftermarket cartridge industry has long struggled with terminology. Cartridges can be called remanufactured (remans), reconditioned, rebuilt, compatible, new build, non-OEM... the list goes on. The BSA last month announced its approval of a new standard definition for a remanufactured cartridge to help with clarification, but will it be ...
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Explaining the Why just got: Easier. Better. Faster. Stronger.

For 2014, gap intelligence decided to make a bold New Years resolution: make our industry-leading competitive intelligence more powerful and easier to use.

You could say we’ve been channeling our inner Daft Punk (or Kanye West, whichever you prefer), but with a twist:

Harder Easier

When gap delivered its first Price/Promotion ...
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When Is a TV Not a TV Any More?


I recently got back from the Consumer Electronics Association’s annual trade show in Las Vegas, called CES. At the show, CE manufacturers from all over the globe come together to display their new and upcoming products. This year, as in most years, there were a ton of new TVs on the floor, all sporting the latest and greatest new technologies. ...
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Scott’s One Cool Thing: Holiday Edition

Who says digital cameras aren’t cool anymore? With the majority of casual point-and-shooters reaching for smartphones as their go-to capture devices these days, it seems that less interest is being paid to the dedicated camera segment compared to hotter CE gadget categories that are emerging onto the scene, which I admit, is understandable.

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HP’s Sharp Deal, and Why it's Good News for Canon

If you Google “win-win business relationships,” you don’t have to search long before HP and Canon’s OEM alliance comes up. It’s in almost every win-win-related article, a number of business books, and is taught in business classes across the country.

Like any 30 year marriage, Canon and HP have had their share of their ups and downs, but the ...
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The Twelve Days of Gap

On the first day of Gap
Herbie sent to me:
A new Power Pivot for thee.


On the second day of Gap
Herbie gave to me:
2 Red Bulls
and a new Power Pivot for thee.


On the third day of Gap
Herbie sent to me:
3 Ts a Giving
2 Red Bulls
and a new Power Pivot for thee.


On the fourth day of Gap
Herbie sent to me:
4 Devs Programming
3 Ts a Giving
2 Red Bulls
and a new ...

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Tablet Vendors Invest in Promotional Displays

It is no news that tablets continue to be one of the hottest consumer electronics categories and are expected to show strong growth in the foreseeable future. To capture a share of this continually expanding pie, tablet vendors have increasingly invested in retail end-caps and other promotional displays. gap intelligence has been noticing ...
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What's With the Hedgehog?

If you follow this blog or gap intelligence on Facebook, it may take you five minutes to realize that we are hedgehog crazy.  We have pictures of Herbie the Hedgehog, gap university’s mascot, from locations all over the world.  Herbie is pictured at company events, on the road in Haiti, eating food, and even driving cars! ...

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching and everyone gearing up for the feast-ivites, I decided to poll the gap office on things that they are thankful for. Responses ranged from funny to family, but it seems as though everyone is getting in the holiday spirit and has a lot to be thankful for overall. Here are some of the responses from the office ...
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HP Adapts with the Quest to Save Ink

Anyone who knows a thing or two about printing will be quick to tell you that inkjet-based printers are struggling to sell against their laser counterparts. It’s true. As printing shifts away from the home and more toward the office, businesses of all sizes are looking for faster devices, fewer printer interactions (large paper trays, huge ...
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gapNews TWICE: Pre-Holiday TV Placements Predictable

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HP’s New Supplies Distribution Policy Goes into Effect

There has been a lot of hype recently around HP’s supplies distribution policy change, which went into effect on November 1, 2013. Ever since the change was announced in May, many have speculated about whether it’s going to disrupt the supply chain or not be as big of deal as others are making it out to be.


So, what’s changed?

At the beginning of ...
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Market Intelligence Made Easy - Applying Wrinkle Cream

DeveloperHistorians will refer to 2013 as the year gap intelligence invested in ourselves. We pulled out every mirror we owned, held them up from every possible angle, and we captured all of our beauty….and lot of our wrinkles. To help with our wrinkles, we brought on board a team of cosmetic surgeons (aka Software Developers). gap intelligence now has ...

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gapNews: Holiday Advertisements Up, As Savings Value Drops

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gapNews: Majap Snapshot: Columbus Day Laundry Promos

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Returning to gap With Another Man in My Life

After four months off from work and blogging, I’m back at it. I think I’ll wait until my next blog to continue with my Retail Data Collector blog series, and instead tell a little about what I’ve been up to during my four months off (also known as the best four months of my life!).

Bronco Baby

To start, I had a baby, thus the reason for the four months of ...
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gapNews: Majap Snapshot: Ad Share At Conn's, Fry's Electronics

twiceSAN DIEGO –Appliances are on the upswing at Conn’s and Fry’s, two major multiregionals that are growing their majap businesses and, in the case of Conn’s, opening up new stores and markets.

That fact hasn’t been lost on LG and Samsung product managers, observed Christine Boersing, home appliance analyst for market research firm Gap Intelligence, ...
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gapNews: Retail Shelf Space Diminished For Plasma TVs

twiceSAN DIEGO –A new shelf share study by Gap Intelligence suggests that if, according to a recent unattributed Reuters report, Panasonic exits the plasma market by the end of its fiscal year, the last remaining plasma makers – LG and Samsung – might not be too far behind.

Deirdre Kennedy, Gap Intelligence TV market analyst, pointed out that Gap’s ...
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A Lesson in Peanut Butter

3,000 years ago, one exceedingly intelligent Incan man (or woman) decided to grind up a curious little nut into a pasty substance: the great ancestor of the delicacy now known as peanut butter. The original creation was much drier and less smooth than the product usually found on shelves today, but as an avid peanut butter connoisseur, I’m sure ...
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Tales from the Dark Side of the Channel

Growing up as a Red Sox fan and growing old as a office imaging analyst, it’s been hard not to root for the underdog.

I certainly can’t complain about my last ten years with the Sox (minus 2011 & 2012), but from kindergarten to college I got pretty used to watching my team either finish somewhere in the middle of the AL East or lose in the ...
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Not Always Right, But Never In Doubt

[caption id="attachment_15842" align="alignright" width="250"]Exploring La Jolla Shores Exploring La Jolla Shores[/caption]

Hello, friends! I’m Jen (aka Boots, Jenny, or Baylor; the list has gotten quite long at this point), a rambunctious little Texan who loves research, baguettes, boots, and impromptu adventures (see also: The Adventures of Boots and Baguettes, Summer ...
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TCO: Total Cost of Oawesomeness (O is Silent)

Good afternoon loyal fans,

I’ve been slogging on my blogging. My apologies. I blame my bum knee. You see, a couple months ago, I tore my ACL for the SECOND time. The first time it happened, the culprit was a (perhaps overly enthusiastic) double-back-handspring into side-split-kick into my keyboard. What you might not know, is that the famous ...
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Ultra HD: The TV of the Future, or Expensive Niche Product?

To those who are in the know, Ultra HD, or 4K, TVs are not a new concept. CES 2013 back in January saw most major manufacturers, and many lower-tier brands, showcasing their own versions of the new technology. But it’s amazing how many people still don’t know what Ultra HD means, and what’s so special about it.

In the simplest terms, Ultra HDTVs ...
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The Sports Gap

Hello!! My name is Lisa and I'm one of the newest additions to gap intelligence. I've been with the company for almost a month and am part of the consumables group; tracking data for paper, ink and toner products. It's been quite inspiring as I learn the ins and outs of these intricate items that I now view in a whole new light. I’m very happy ...
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NFC Gains Support in Inkjet Industry

It’s no secret that mobile device usage is directly impacting the inkjet industry. Vendors are looking for new ways to differentiate their inkjet AiOs with added connectivity capabilities to complement a growing market for smartphones and tablets. Vendors are also adjusting to a shift in content consumption and productivity from PCs to mobile. ...
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A gap Life

Hello all, Hayley Johnson here! I’m one of the new kids on the block, fresh out of UCSD to a fully furnished desk (complete with bamboo plant) across from the aromatic kitchen in the gap office. I graduated after playing four years on the soccer team with a degree in Environmental Systems and minor in Marine Sciences (random? Kind of, I guess, ...
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A gappy Tumblr Blog

In the spirit of the many tumblr blogs that I and many of my fellow gappers like to visit, I thought I might start my own gappy tumblr to show our readers how gappers (but more specifically, I) react to the ups and downs of a typical day in the office.

When I hear someone saying they're going to Starbucks, I’m like:

When we get to Starbucks and ...
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the pico-letter V10.05 – All in One PCs Shine

After 4 years as gap intelligence’s tablet analyst, I have become pretty used to covering a growing and constantly evolving product category. As I recently took over the role of Desktop PC analyst, I quickly realized that this category is a different ball game all together and would bring new and unique experiences. As soon as I started ...
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Oh the places he’ll go…

Herbie is neither big nor tall.

Actually he is quite small.

He loves to travel and as you’ll see,

He’s been to more places than you or me.

From coast to coast and sea to sea,

Herbie’s like Waldo; you’ll never know where he’ll be.

He’s traveled to Uzbekistan, chilled in New York’s Central Park, and

he’s even taken pictures in Alaska’s Glacier Bay ...
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gapNews: LED Supplants CCFL TV Retail Placements - #TWICE

SAN DIEGO –A recent study of retail LCD TV placements by market research firm Gap Intelligence revealed that most top TV manufacturers stopped producing CCFL-backlit LCD TVs in 2013, and LED-edge and backlit LED models now dominate the marketplace.

LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba and Vizio no longer produce CCFL-lit models, even in ...
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gapNews: Tracking tablet advertising reveals some interesting insights - Betanews

The PC as we knowit is dying, and tablets are unquestionably where the sales are right now. As a result, vendors and retailers are clamoring to pull in the consumers by ramping up their advertising spend and exposure.

In Q2 2013, according to data gathered by analyst firmgap intelligence, vendors and retailers placed a total of 771 tablet ads in ...
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gapNews: Smart-TV Functionality On The Rise - TWICE

twiceSAN DIEGO – Smart functions have become less of a novelty and more of an expectation in larger-screen and higher-end TV models, but the pace of smart-TV sales has not yet outstripped add-on set-top boxes, according to recent Gap Intelligence in-store placement research.

The number of amart-TV models continues to increase each year, even though ...
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gapNews: Majap Snapshot: Bosch vs. Electrolux - TWICE

twiceSAN DIEGO –While the majap marketplace is rife with premium brands, TWICE research partner Gap Intelligence reports that two Euorpean manufacturers – Bosch and Electrolux – are emerging to take the lead in the luxury appliance segment.

As Gap home appliance analyst Christine Boersing observed, Electrolux, the world’s second largest majap maker ...
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Chromebooks Gaining Momentum, Microsoft Getting Nervous

I never thought a true competitor to Microsoft's Windows OS would arrive during my lifetime. Other than Apple's Mac OS, Microsoft has enjoyed a relatively competition-free environment for the last few decades and has become the standard platform across the PC market. But, after a slow start, Google's Chrome OS is gaining momentum thanks to the ...
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The Effect of Consumables Structure in Low-Volume Print Environments

When it comes to choosing a laser printer, there several factors to take into account, including “How much does the printer cost? How much do the consumables cost? How many consumables do I have to buy?” The answers ultimately depend on factors including budget, expected lifecycle of the printer, and expected page volume. But the type of ...
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gap Summer Research – The Embedded MFP App Market

I recently had the opportunity to work on a summer research project exploring the market for embedded MFP Apps – essentially programs that can be installed on a device without the need for a network server. The experience offered me a rare change of pace from gap’s weekly schedule to report on a subject that’s top of mind for many in the ...
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Red White and Refrigerators!

What comes to mind when you think of Independence Day? U.S. History? Fireworks? Apple Pie? BBQ’s? American Flags? Home Appliances?

For many of us, major U.S. holidays are synonymous with white goods sales. What is it about holidays that drive retailers and manufacturer’s to offer deep discounts on appliances in conjunction with these events? ...
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It’s All in the (Keyword) Search

Keyword searches are mostly known to get your website noticed by search engines through a practice commonly referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. This blog isn’t about how SEO can help your website get the most “hits.” This blog is about how we at gap intelligence created our own internal reverse SEO process that has helped fuel the ...
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gapCon 2013

gapCon SchwagEach year, gap intelligence hosts gapCon, a conference that celebrates the people of gap intelligence, our work, and shares our unique culture with the outside world. If you would like to know the multiple benefits of hosting your own conference, check out this wonderfully written column on, the author is truly brilliant.

Though ...
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HP has TwoSmiles!

HP recently debuted a new product called TwoSmiles. The innovative product combines the print-at-home greeting card with the increasingly popular gift card, enabling users to create and print both from the convenience of home using their inkjet photo printer. gap intelligence recently spoke to HP representatives to understand where the concept ...
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gap intelligence: Winner of the 2013 Heilbron Award

Drives for Rides2(copied from the “who we are” section of

“gap intelligence is avalues-led corporation. We strive to deliver the highest quality of research and service to our clients, expand opportunities and professional growth for our team members, and operate a company that recognizes the central role that business plays in our ...
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Buying a New TV: Club Stores vs. Electronics Stores

So you’re in the market for a new TV, and you want to get the best price around.  Do you automatically head for your nearest club store to make a purchase, or do you shop around first to make sure you get the best deals?  Chances are, you assume you’ll get the best price if you point your car towards the nearest Costco or ...

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I See Smart Appliances…

LG and Samsung have taken the lead with the development of smart appliances, leaving many folks wondering when US based corporations will jump in. To LG and Samsung’s benefit, the Korean manufacturers are well established in the smartphone and tablet industries allowing them a large advantage with pre-existing infrastructures to support ...
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Retail Data Collector #8: Toni from Denver

Just in the nick of time, I am publishing one more blog for my Retail Data Collector series before I take off for a while. This time, it’s featuring Toni from Denver. Toni and I have been best friends for quite a while now and I knew when we were looking to hire someone in Colorado that she would likely be up for the task. Toni and I played ...
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Gappy to be Here!

Hey everyone!

My name’s Valerie, but just about everyone calls me Val.I started working at gap intelligence in September 2012 and I’m super excited to be here!

To my surprise, I’m one of the few gappers that is actually from San Diego.I graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in ...
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The Battle of the High-End Appliances

What comes to mind when you think of high-end kitchen home appliances? Many consumers will name off brands such as Sub-Zero, Miele, and Viking. It goes without saying that the aforementioned manufacturers produce beautiful, and equally expensive, home appliances, however two European companies are emerging to take the lead in the luxury ...
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Nothing Says Awesome like gapTCO

Recently at gap intelligence we did an exercise to try and identify our personal hedgehogs. You are probably thinking, "Hedgehog?! Like the animal?". Although yes, a hedgehog is technically a spiny mammal of the subfamily Erinaceinae, we at gap intelligence consider a hedgehog to be our driving force.hedgehog2

According to Jim Collins,author of the book ...
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Pancakes: More Than Just a Prime Breakfast

The day at gap intelligence began this morning with the highly-anticipated Waffle Potluck Breakfast. With a belly full of scrumptious food from this epic event, and as gap’s resident digital camera analyst, I of course started pondering the photographic impact of other delicious breakfast foods, namely pancakes.

What I refer to are the accessory ...
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‘Life’s Good’ at Lowes

Late in 2012, Lowe’s announced that during the first quarter of 2013, it would start adding LG home appliance products to over 1,700 of its locations nationwide. As the second largest home improvement retailer in the world, Lowe’s’ strategic partnership with LG strives to boost the retailer closer to the top spot, currently held by its main ...
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Retail Data Collector #7: Vanessa from Newark

The latest edition of the Retail Data Collector blog series features Vanessa from Newark. Vanessa has been with gap for a long time and although she is technically our Newark collector, she also braves her way into the big NYC for us every week to collect at a few stores there.

Location: New Jersey(Jersey Shore)

Q: How long have you been working ...
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gapNews: gap intelligence adds home appliances to research specialties

sdSan Diego, Calif. – May 13, 2013 – gap intelligence, a market research firm supporting the consumer electronics, information technology, and imaging industries, recently added home appliances to its growing list of product categories.

gap intelligence’s home appliance industry intelligence services includes weekly pricing and promotion analysis ...
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What Can Your Refrigerator Do for You?

As appliances continue to evolve to create a smarter and more connected home life, some of us may wonder if we’re headed towards a Jetson’s inspired era. While we’re not quite there, it certainly does seem that the sky is the limit and there may be a day forthcoming where a refrigerator can whip up a quick breakfast and a laundry suite will ...
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gap intelligence Upgrades Total Cost of Ownership Tool to Include Managed Print Services (MPS) Assessments

SAN DIEGO, CA– May 6, 2013 – gap intelligence, a premier market research firm for the information technology, consumer electronics, and home appliance industries, launched the latest version of its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) suite to include Managed Print Services (MPS) capabilities.
The platform’s user interface is designed to help ...
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An Elementary School Recess Sport turned Competitive

[caption id="attachment_15216" align="alignleft" width="300"]The Team The Team[/caption]

It’s an idea that’s been thrown around the office for a while, and after months of talking about it, we’re now competing in a Vavi Kickball league under the name gapUniversity Fighting Hedgehogs. A bunch of us are very excited about it, and the 3 games we’ve played ...
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HP Officejet Pro X Set to Battle Office Laser Printers

Like a boxer in the beginning rounds of a fight, throwing jabs at his opponent to break down his defense and set up for an ESPN Top 10 haymaker, HP’s traditional inkjet Officejet Pro series has reportedly done a good job of weakening ‘laser-bias’ in recent years. With the Officejet Pro line’s successful penetration into micro businesses, it is ...
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An E“value”ation of Value Pack Offerings in Brazil

An interesting trend has developed in the Brazil laser supplies ecommerce channel since the start of the year. Since gap intelligence began tracking the segment in mid-2009, the number of dual and value pack* offerings has increased from 2 to 24, with most of the growth coming in the past two years. The trend has become even more apparent ...
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If you have read any of the other blogs for gap intelligence, you will see that we have it pretty good. We have fun days at the Del Mar races, gapU events, golf tournaments and so much more! However, life isn't all beaches and sunshine all the time here in San Diego. Here are a list of hardships we face in our Liberty Station office, or as us ...
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Compact Cameras’ Time to Shine

With the ever-growing presence and dependence on smartphones in today’s society, there has been no shortage of articles correlating this trend with a slow and painful death for the point-and-shoot camera. True, that trends within the digital camera market show a shrinking presence, but it is within this overall decline developments are ...
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Retail Data Collector #6: Jamie from Omaha

My latest blog in the Retail Data Collector blog series features Jamie from Omaha. I had known Jamie for several years before I started working at gap and when we needed to hire a collector in Omaha, I knew that she would be a great fit.

Location: Omaha, NE

Q: How long have you been working with gap?

A: 1 Year

Q: How did you get involved with gap? ...
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Battle of the Books!

Here at gap intelligence, we are constantly in the pursuit of knowledge, personal, and professional growth. For those of us that are lucky enough to work here, it goes without question that gap intelligence’s culture fuels this fire.

This month, gap-University rolled out a brand-new program designed to flex our brain muscles while having a ...
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A friendly hello from a new gapper!


Hello! I’m Lance. I'm gap intelligence’s newest research assistant and am very excited to be here. My first week at gap intelligence was perfectly timed, as it concluded at gap intelligence’s 10th anniversary party at the Prado in Balboa Park. Two weeks later, I spent my Friday serving as a green marshal for the Emilio Nares Foundation’s Drives ...
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Drives for Rides - A #valuesled Event

Is there a time when you can say that you made an impact? Has there been a moment that your time, talent, or treasure contributed to something for the greater good or touched lives? I am sure that we all have those kinds of moments both large and small.

On March 15th, gap intelligence used its Time, Talents, and Treasure to host the company’s ...
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Secret Shopper Feature #1: The Beginning of a New Series

We recently launched a new project here at gap Intelligence and are over-the-moon excited about it!! You may have read a little about the project already herewhen we were looking to hire the perfect candidate to ask retail store representatives what they think is the best brand on the market for certain consumer electronics.

Similar to our “Meet ...
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I Want My Time-Shifted, Ad-Free, Customized TV

There was a time, in the mid-1900s, when you had two choices for TV viewing: broadcast television or cable. Satellite TV and pay-per-view joined the landscape early on, which allowed subscribers to pay for access to a private telecast of a certain event. Each of these options left the viewer at the mercy of programmers and their schedules for ...
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The Platform

I may be young compared to many of my peers in the office imaging analyst community, but my approach to the channels and technologies that I track can be pretty old school. Even as a growing share of my analysis shifts to services and solutions, I’m still drawn to the tangibility of speeds, feeds, and CPCs; I remain fascinated by how they play ...
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PC Market Embraces Touch

People want to touch their computer screens. Don't get me wrong, they probably still want mice and keyboards too, but people want the option to swipe something from one side to the other. How do I know? The inordinate, increasing number of fingerprints on non-touch laptop displays in retail stores. When shoppers are trying out laptops in-store, ...
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HP Pioneers a New Path for Business Inkjets

Inkjet printers today are well-entrenched and dominant in the sub-$200 price band, ceding higher price points to single and multifunction lasers. It’s true that inkjet’s active user base continues to generate extremely profitable consumable sales, but slowing hardware sales to consumers could pose a risk to future supplies revenue. And, ...
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gap intelligence: A Ten Year Climb to Impossible Heights

Today is gap intelligence’s tenth birthday. We are ten years old today. Ten years…wow. Today is an impossible milestone that I never dreamed would come true on March 1, 2003. Often times I am asked, “When you started, did you think……” and I cut ‘em off with a quick “Nope.”

I have struggled to find the words for a blog that properly commemorates ...
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We're Hiring! Mystery Shoppers!

Job Description:

gap intelligence is currently hiring sociable candidates to help with our Ongoing Recommendation Tracking project.

Contractors will be required to visit six (6) retail chains once a month ongoing. Each visit is expected to take as long as 15 minutes and contractors will be required to visit different parts of the store. We are ...
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gapNews: Comparison of four A4 Small Workteam B&W MFPs

Source: The Imaging Channel

  • Ricoh Aficio MP 301SPF

  • HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 MFP M525f

  • Lexmark MX611dhe MFP

  • Xerox Phaser 3635MFP/X

At an AMPV of 4,000, length of ownership of 4 years, and using average E-commerce Price or Average Commercial Price for HW:

  • Ricoh’s Aficio MP 301SPF is using a Usage-Only Contract (CPC) sales model, while the other ...
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gapNews: Diverging Opinions On Microsoft Surface Pro Launch

Shortages of the 128GB Surface Pro popped up right after its launch.

Redmond, Wash. – Microsoft’s launch last week of the Surface Pro tablet is receiving mixed reviews from analysts.

Views on the introduction run the gamut from calling it normal to a failure and to too early to call.

The one fact everyone agreed upon is that the Surface Pro quickly sold out.

However, that very fact has brought up two schools of ...
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gapNews: HP Unveils World's Fastest Desktop Color Printer, Celebrates 25th Anniversary of HP Deskjet Printers

HP Officejet Pro X Series Earns Guinness World Records Title for Unsurpassed Speed

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 11, 2013) - HP (NYSE:HPQ) today announced the worldwide release of the newHP Officejet Pro X, the world's fastest desktop printer as recognized by Guinness World Records.(1)

Designed to meet the demanding and unique needs of small ...
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Where Do We GoPro From Here?

It is not that big of a stretch to assume everyone at this point is familiar with GoPro and its popular range of POV (point-of-view) camcorders. The brand has impressively become one of the most universally recognized players in the industry, built on a foundation of wearable camcorders that withstand the elements, and the brand’s extreme ...
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Retail Data Collector #5: Minda from Tampa

In 2013 I am continuing my series of blogs that feature gap’s retail data collectors and for my first one of of the year, I move from our husband and wife duo in Seattle, to Minda, our collector in Tampa, FL. Minda has been fun to work with, and from what I can tell, and as you can probably tell from her picture, she seems like she has a very ...
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Lessons Learned from the Surface RT

Microsoft’s first Windows 8 Pro tablet, the new Surface Pro will become available in less than 10 days. Yes, this is the new Surface!


How is it different from the Surface that you have already seen advertised on giant billboards across the country or in TV ads since October 2012. To start with, the new Surface Pro is equipped with an Intel X86 ...
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Another Blog about Windows 8

So we’ve all heard about Windows 8’s woes and how it has thus far failed to be the savior of the PC industry. In fact, both IDC and Gartner released the PC market’s final sales numbers for 2012 showing that global PC shipments declined by 4.9% (Gartner) or 6.4% (IDC), depending on which firm you follow. The question for market watchers and ...
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2013... we made it Mayans!

It's the time of year again... the beginning! And with the beginning of the year comes excitement, resolutions, and a goal for this year to be better than the last.

Personally, I totally forgot it was a new year and have been carrying on business as normal. However, after I realized I had to start writing 2013 on my checks instead of 2012 I have ...
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Opportunity for HP’s HotSpot Printer in China

Wireless capabilities have made a big impact on the printing industry. The technology allows us to print documents to a printer that could be on the other side of the world, as well as print from our mobile devices from virtually anywhere in the world.

Now, HP has introduced a printer into the Chinese market that not only offers wireless ...
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gappy Holidays! gap intelligence Holiday Office Hours

gapintellcon ornamentHappy Holidays to all of our wonderful clients, vendors, and friends. In observance of the holidays and to give our team a well-deserved break, gap intelligence’s offices are closed from Christmas Day to January 2, 2013.

Due to the break, gap intelligence will not publish our customary pricing and promotion databases or market intelligence ...
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TVs: What’s Hot This Holiday Season?

Here at gap intelligence, we track retail day in and day out. Part of my job as the TV analyst is to visit a range of stores every week to check out the selection, the prices, and the displays. I also enjoy listening to how well the salespeople at various stores know their products, and find out how other people shop for TVs. This holiday ...
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Is HP’s Officejet Pro X the Key to Inkjet Capturing SMBs?

At the end of October, HP surprised the imaging world with the launch of the Officejet Pro X series, the first printers to use HP’s new high-speed PageWide inkjet platform. Thanks to a page wide printhead, the first Officejet Pro X printers (1st half 2013) will post ISO-rated print speeds of up to 42 pages per minute, more than doubling the ...
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Windows 8 Tablets Arrive!

The long awaited launch of Windows 8 finally brought in the first real commercial presence of Windows-based tablets. The latest OS to enter the tablet arena is slowly gaining a mainstream retail presence and generating a lot of buzz. However, there are still many unanswered questions, which I hopefully will be able to answer through this blog.
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gapNews: Challenges Abound For Otellini's Successor

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. –The announcement last month that Paul Otellini will step down from Intel’s helm next year leaves the company searching not only for a new leader, but the correct direction to take to compete in a computing world now dominated by smartphones and tablets.

When Intel begins its search, a decision will have to be made on whether ...
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Windows 8 PCs Slow to Arrive on Shelves

The PC industry has been struggling for the last couple years, but amidst the gloomy forecasts and weak financials there has been one constant hope: Windows 8. The new operating system was supposed to trigger a wave of refreshes and relieve pent up consumer and business demand. Microsoft updates its operating system every three or four years ...
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Scott’s One Cool Thing: The LED Lights of Pentax’s Optio WG-2

As the Digital Camera Analyst here at gap intelligence, it can be considered an understatement to say that I love cameras. I love learning about cameras, talking about cameras, playing with cameras, and most importantly, I love experimenting with all of their unique features… and then telling you about ‘em.

With no less than thirteen ...
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Receipts – Another Step into the Digital Age

Over the past several years, most of us have noticed that our bills, magazines, newspapers, and books are all available in digital form. Many have been quick to point out the implications of this have been detrimental to the struggling paper industry. However, for those of you who thought that by the end of 2012, we would have paperless ...

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Retail Data Collector Feature #4: Jim and Jeane from Seattle

Continuing my blog series about our retail data collectors around the country, I now move from our collector in Boston, to our husband and wife team of Jim and Jeane in Seattle, Washington. Jim and Jeane are our only current tandem team and have found a great balance in working together to get us accurate data!

Q: How long have you been working ...
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Blurry Lines in the PC Business, Let’s Reorganize Them

Is it a tablet? A notebook? A desktop? No, that’s my phone… The lines in the PC market are blurring, as hybrid PC models are announced and await their release into a world that sees the PC market slumping. We’re on the verge of unveiling Microsoft’s Windows 8, where both desktops and mobile devices offer touch capabilities. PC makers are taking ...
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HP’s New Ink “Advantageous” for Emerging Regions

At HP’s recent Analyst Securities briefing, the company revealed plans to expand the availability of its Ink Advantage program for emerging regions from 10 countries to 82 countries, though a time frame was not specified. So far, HP has rolled out a new lineof Deskjet Ink Advantage devices across a number of developing regions. The devices ...
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Is Delivery a Game Changer?

Remember when Domino's started delivering pizza? How wonderful was that?!! Delivery was definitely a game changer in regards to the demand and popularity of pizza. Delivery allowed customers to stay in the comfort of their own home rather than spend time picking up dinner. It allowed the pizza to arrive warm in those heated bags until the ...
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gap intelligence Golf Tournament to Benefit ENF

gap intelligence is a values-led company. We care about ourselves, our clients, and our local community. On March 15, 2013, gap intelligence will host what we hope to be our single biggest contribution to the local San Diego community – our first ever Golf Tournament.

gap intelligence’s first annual golf tournament will be held on March 15, 2013 ...
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A TV Analyst Walks Into an Electronics Store

By now we’re all familiar with the retail buzzword “showrooming”, wherein consumers check out the latest and greatest products in retail, but then go online to find the best deals. Brick and mortar stores have been trying various tactics to combat the trend, such as store-specific SKUs or price-matching deals. Traditional retailers can view ...
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Some Bold Predictions for the Notebook PC Market

I'm a big-time fan of fantasy football. A combination of sports, statistics, and using numbers and intuition to predict performance... I love it. We do that on a daily basis for our clients with market data so it wasn't surprising that nearly half of our US office eagerly joined our company's fantasy football league last month. The key to ...
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gap intelligence: Two Time Inc Magazine Top 5,000

gap intelligence is proud to announce that we have been listed as one of Inc Magazine’s Top 5,000 privately owned companies in America. This is our second consecutive placement on the list and in 2012 we kept a place with the top half of those companies at #2,052.

While some may frown at placing #2,052 on any list, the ranking is another proud ...
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Retail Data Collector Feature #3: Tim from Boston


As a part of my continuing Q&A blog series about our retail data collectors around the country, I am moving from our collector in Chicago, to Tim, our collector in Boston. Tim was the first person I hired when I moved to the retail manager position at gap, and I am happy to say that it has been an excellent fit!

Q: How long have you ...
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A Brief History of the Connected Camera

With WiFi rapidly advancing as the hottest trend in digital cameras these days, connectivity’s impact on the market is definitely exciting and undeniable, although ultimately not a new concept. Connected technology is more visible and essential than ever in today’s world, and will continue to be as future generations grow up with social ...
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gap intelligence: San Diego’s Best Places to Work Finalist

For the second consecutive year, gap intelligence was a finalist as one of San Diego’s Best Places to Work, a recognition given by the San Diego Business Journal. Being a great place to work has become second nature to us here at gap intelligence (kind of like breathing) and being recognized for our efforts is always fun.

While it may be easy to ...
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Small and Fast vs. Big and Slow

No, I’m not talking about Darren Sproles vs. Philip Rivers (even though I can’t wait for football to start!). I’m talking about companies and the best places to work. I speak from experience thanks to the fact that I’ve been in this industry longer than most of my co-workers have been in this world.

For reference, I’ve spent most of my career in ...
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gap Stands for Get Active People

My name is Adam Gajo and I am one of the newest additions to the gap intelligence family. I join the market intelligence firm as a desktop research analyst, and come from a number of sales roles within the IT industry. I also recently completed my MBA in marketing in 2011, and I’m looking forward to providing insights into what is happening in ...
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First Non-OEM Time-to-Market Analysis: Brazil, Russia, China

Third party consumables have long been an issue for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), as their lower price points undercut OEM sales and their proliferation reduces OEM market share. In an effort to combat the rise in these third party (non-OEM) consumables, many manufacturers have developed efforts to promote the use of original ...
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the pico-letter v9.05 - A Call for a Universal Mobile Print Solution

One could say that the selection of mobile print apps on the market today is almost as diverse as the number of tablet and smartphone platforms they are made for. There is at least one mobile print app from just about every major printer maker, in addition to those offered by software companies. Each app covers a limited number of printers and ...
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The 2012 gap-lympic Games

It's summer 2012... And it really has been an awesome San Diego summer! The weather has been great and everyone at gap intelligence has been taking full advantage. Friday afternoons (and actually, other weekday afternoons) are full of people's talk of plans. Most plans consist of beach, BBQ, family, friends, and just good ole fashioned fun. I ...
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Market Intelligence Made Your Way: My Settings Tutorial

gap intelligence is pleased to announce an updated version of our online datacenter that we affectionately call DCv3.5. The latest edition gives our clients full control over all of the information that they receive from gap intelligence including our industry leading market intelligence reports.

For the last nine years, when a client wanted to ...
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Yes, Photo Paper Usage is on the Decline…but….

Several years ago, printing companies gave consumers the ability to print photos from the comfort of their own homes, and it was revolutionary. With the influx of digital images, consumers were printing tons and tons of pictures and going through ink as it were their job – a manufacturer’s dream! The peak of in-home photo printing was in 2006 ...
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gapDataCenter Massage v2.0
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gap intelligence DataCenter will be Down Friday July 27th intelligence’s online data center,, will be shut down for maintenance from 12:01am (PST) Friday July 27th through 11:59pm (PST) Sunday July 29th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Those who would like individual reports during this time can send requests Reports can also be ...
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Retail Data Collector Feature #2: Continuing a Series

Back in April I started a blog series featuring our data collectors from around the country. For the next several blogs I write, I will highlight another collector. I am excited because this will give us the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the people we work with every week but never see, and to put a fac

This month, my blog ...
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Samsung Aims High

After several months of anticipation, Samsung last week officially announced the US launch of its new range of A3 MFPs, more than doubling its ledger-size lineup and giving the vendor one of the widest Segment 1 through 3 A3 assortments in the industry.

Samsung’s three new 20ppm to 30ppm A3 color MFPs and two new 23ppm and 28ppm A3 monochrome ...
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gap intelligence Wins the Helibron Award

Its award season and gap intelligence is in line for a lot of great accolades for our successes. While we cherish everything that we are recognized for, acknowledgement for our work with the local community has made us particularly proud. The Helibron Award is given to San Diego companies that have made the biggest impact to the local ...
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A Little Late: gapCon 2012 Wrap Up

Time flies during a summer in San Diego. There are so many beaches to visit, so many outdoor events and activities to attend in San Diego that blogs often get overlooked…..or working in general is overlooked. San Diegans are in such a hurry to get back to the beach that we had an 18 second 4th of July fireworks show:

On June 8, 2012, gap ...

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Ignore the Headlines, Ultrabooks Aren't a Flop

Take a look at the titles of the media's recent coverage regarding Ultrabook shipments in Q2:

A casual observer of the laptop market may have been alarmed. But ...
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Staples Teams with Xerox to Offer Toner Savings Plan, But Who Benefits?

For the past few months, Xerox and Staples have quietly developed a program called the ‘Never Out Toner Savings Plan.’ In a nutshell, this program works by allowing customers to pay up-front for their expected monthly print volume. A customer’s printer is connected to a monitoring system that recognizes when toner is low and automatically ...
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TV Shopping - Simplified

Here at gap intelligence we’re always trying something new and different, whether it’s organizing a conference or flying kites in the park. Our latest venture is most exciting to me personally because I get to be involved in the creation of a new product category! We recently opened up a TV segment, and I am very pleased to be able to shepherd ...
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Target Takes a Stand!

After becoming the most vocal retailer against showrooming, Target recently dropped Amazon’s wildly popular Kindle eReaders and the Kindle Fire tablet, citing “conflict of interest” as the motivation behind its decision. While many in the industry were quick to point to Target’s growing relationship with Apple in explaining the bold move, I ...
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Growth in the Tablet Industry

If you have been following the tablet industry then you surely have seen this beast grow quickly. gap intelligence has been following the pulse of this market since the introduction of the first iPad in April 2010 and seen the market grow from 1 vendor (Apple) to 39 different vendors in the US retail channel by April 2012. The tablet market is ...
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Herbie's Geology Trip

For my last big geology camping field trip I got to bring along a very special guest, the gap intelligence mascot and geologist in training, Herbie the hedgehog. Herbie was so excited for the field trip that he spent days reading up on the field trip area, the Inyo Mountains, so much so that he was much more prepared for the field trip than ...
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Welcome Uzie Team!

Until recently however, I had little cause to interact regularly with our folks in the Uzbekistan office. Sure, I work with the developers, but even that interaction is limited to weekly meetings over Skype, discussing our latest project. Nothing beats interpersonal communication and interaction! During my 2-week stay in Uzie-land, I would like ...
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Could Brazil Embrace the Refill?

Following recent investigation regarding the idea of refilling of a toner cartridge with a bag of powder toner and a funnel, it seems that the concept has continued to surface over the past several months. Things began with the launch of Ricoh’s SP 100 series of single and multifunction printers in China several months ago. The company ...
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High Capacity Inks – Just Marketing or Real Value?

Over the past several years, we have seen ink manufacturers offer high capacity tanks and cartridges more frequently. The marketing strategy behind the higher capacity tanks is that customers pay a lower price per page for more ink – similar to a bulk deal at a club store. While these cartridges have been available for some time, the last few ...
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If You Build It, They Will Print

One of the hottest topics in the print industry is mobile printing, a concept heralded by many as a way for printers to coexist alongside the disruptive force of tablets and smartphones. Today, print manufacturers are constantly referring to mobile apps and touting that their printers are app-ready.

The importance of addressing mobile print is ...
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Connected Cameras: Fostering the Fundamental Act of Sharing Photos

2012 has seen an influx of connectivity within the digital camera realm that has never been witnessed in the past. While WiFi-equipped cameras are not a new concept, the transformation of the technology from a top-shelf halo specification to a widely-available feature within the market is more obvious than ever. Connectivity faces a growing ...
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Retail Data Collector Feature #1: The New Beginning of a Series

When I started thinking about what to write about for my latest blog, I remembered gap’s former retail manager telling me that when she was in that role, she had featured one of our retail data collectors for a blog. She was willing to let me “copy” her great idea so I have decided to create an ongoing series of features on all of our data ...
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Desktop Q1 2012 Advertising Overview

Here at gap intelligence we spend a lot of time each week going over retail circulars as part of our weekly Pricing and Promotions service. Each week brings new promos and new models, so I thought it would be revealing to look at how the ads change over time. The beginning of a new quarter is a great opportunity to reflect on the past three ...
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How Samsung Executed its "Premium" Notebook Strategy

Just about every manufacturer wants the word "premium" attached to its brand. It's a common refrain from vendors, particularly during quarterly earnings calls, who want to increase their margins and shift away from solely competing with rock-bottom prices. Though few have actually succeeded, it has been a relief to watch Samsung execute its ...
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A Look into the Nature of Exclusives

This blog is somewhat of a follow up to Gurpreet’s most recent post, inspired by her exploration of the “Showrooming” phenomena in the world of retail (see also: Heard About “Showrooming”?). Within her article, Gurpreet included stats from the digital camera and laptop markets to illustrate her point on the growing trend of retailers offering ...
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We're Hiring! Senior Software Project Manager

Job Description:

13gap intelligence is a values led company. We care about each other, our clients, and recognize that business plays a central role in our community.

Accountability and willingnessare extremely important to us.

gap intelligence is searching for a very special candidate to lead our software development team. We are constantly ...
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Heard About 'Showrooming'?

There is a new word floating around in the wonderful world of retail, and that is “Showrooming.” In case you have not heard about it, allow me to explain. Showrooming is the practice of researching a product in-store and then buying it elsewhere, most likely at or eBay! With the increasing proliferation of data-enabled devices like ...
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the Pico-Letter v9.01 - My Toast at VJ's Retirement Party

Roast and Toast


I guess it’s my turn now to say few words about the man we are honoring today, Vyomesh Joshi - but we can call him "VJ". Fill up your drinks with whatever you like because I lift my toasting glass often and I have a big glass of Sprite right here. First, let’s all raise our glasses to Carli, Robert, Mark, ...
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Top Ten Things Placed on My Dog's Head

[caption id="attachment_13146" align="aligncenter" width="235" caption="When I'm not Gapping, I'm helping Riley showcase his innate ability to balance any, and everything on his head. Here are his top 10 fan favorites!"]What's on Riley's Mind?[/caption]

Without further ado

[caption id="attachment_13137" align="aligncenter" width="235" ...
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gapUniversity’s Masters of Business Administration

gapUniversity MBAI never did get my MBA. The day I graduated from Texas A&M my father shook my hand and made a scissor sign with his free hand – cut off! When we returned home, my 1985 Oldsmobile Delta 88 was donated for a tax right off and I was on my own. Not complaining by any stretch, but in 1995 I needed money and two more years of school were not ...
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gapNews: HP to Combine Printer, PC Units

Hewlett-Packard is expected to combine its computer and printing businesses, with the San Diego-based head of its printing arm, Vyomesh Joshi, leaving the company as a result.

AllThingsD, a technology website affiliated with The Wall Street Journal, reported Tuesday that Palo Alto-based HP will announce the combination of its personal computer ...

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The Chinese are Coming! The Chinese are Coming!

This month marked the official launch of Seine Technology’s Pantum brand of laser printers worldwide. Though almost year and half after their initial launch in China, this was for all intents and purposes, Pantum’s coming out party that included a big stand at CeBIT, press releases, presentations, interviews, and though speculative, a few ...
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Tebow Talk

As an operations associate at gap intelligence, I don’t work much in the analysis side of the company. I spend more time collecting, aggregating, and cleaning data than determining its relevance. I leave the analyzing to my many talented coworkers who consume themselves in the data that I help collect. However don’t let this minor detail deter ...
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“Tweet”, “Like”, and “Pin” Your Way into Emerging Markets

Over the past few years, and the past year especially, nearly everyone we know has learned to “tweet”, “like”, and “pin” things (for those of you who haven’t discovered pinning, visit and cancel your plans for the rest of the day). Social media has already had a significant impact on the way businesses in the U.S. (and other ...
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gapNews: Samsung's 15-Inch Ultrabook Hits the Web

Samsung's 15-Inch Ultrabook Hits the Web

Samsung Series 9 15-inch

Samsung's new ultraslim laptops—Samsung declines to call them ultrabooks—are now available for pre-order, and are expected to ship within the month. The Samsung Series 9 is a leading model line, which helped define the new ...
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MP3 and Company Culture

Shortly after finishing up my most recent reading assignment, I prepared a book review and executive summary for a fictional board of directors in my non-profit business class when I remembered the words said to me by Gary Peterson that day at gap intelligence, “just gimme.” This of course was in reference to the blog of mine that is about a ...
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What Will Happen to the Templates?

As a self-proclaimed lifelong lover of office supplies, I remember a time when Avery Dennison was synonymous with labels. The company was the standard that all other brands adhered to. When you wanted to print a label, the easiest one was to choose Avery Dennison’s products because of the hundreds of templates right in Microsoft Word. It was ...

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A Direct Question

It’s been hard to ignore the growing buzz surrounding the printing industry’s direct sales organizations during last several weeks as news of downsizing and branch closures placed a spotlight on the sustainability of the business model. Highlighted among the recent events were the transfer of Ricoh’s branches and commercial accounts in four ...
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Not All 3D is Created Equal

Although I’ve spent the majority of my career selling consumer electronics and working with consumer electronics manufacturers, I’ve never been accused of being a technology ‘early adopter’ in my personal life. I held onto my ‘flip phone’ until the last possible second, I still don’t have a Facebook page and until last year my TV had a tube in ...
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Discovering the Mysterious World of Retail

When I first got hired at gap intelligence, I was told that my first goal was to “master all things ecom” for notebooks. So I worked to get an understanding of, naturally, all things ecom. Week after week, I learned more and more about all of our processes and our workflow regarding getting raw ecom data identified, prepped, and put into our ...
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Retailers Get Their Act Together, Create Dedicated Section for Tablets

Here at gap intelligence we monitor the pulse of retail. If you remember, I wrote a blog in June 2011 highlighting how tablets were positioned in multiple sections within a store, forcing consumers to walk the entire length and breadth of the store to explore different tablets. Times have changed with many retailers finally organizing their ...
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gapNews: Cnet So, will that be an Intel or AMD ultrabook?

Though Advanced Micro Devices will not be inside branded ultrabooks, it is making a play for that market. Will consumers care which chipmaker is inside?

The quick answer: yes, if you're price sensitive. "They'll come into a market behind Intel and then do what they do at a lower price," said Deron Kershaw, an analyst at Gap Intelligence.

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gap couture?

Hi there! Another new gapper here. My name is Deirdre and I've been at gap for three months now. I'm a transplant from Minneapolis and I'll be the first to admit that I have gotten spoiled by the great weather down here in San Diego. Mid-60s in the middle of January? I'm freezing, but I'll take it!

It's a good thing that when I'm not ...
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Bring it on, 2012

2011 is SO last year, am I right?

Here at GapU we're super stoked to start planning all the fun/educational student activities for the duration of the new year. To kick things off, we've invited gap intelligence camera analyst extraordinaire, Scott Peterson to join our Board of Directors. Scott was voted People's Choice at the 2011 Gappy Awards ...

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On Page 569....

My motivations when starting gap intelligence nearly 10 years ago were unorthodox and not easy to explain at the time. Friends and colleagues would often stare in disbelief that the answer to their question “Why did you start your own business?” was not “To make lots of money.” From the very beginning, we have strived to create a wonderful ...
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Thank you, 2011. That was fun!

2011 will be chalked up as one of the best years in the history of gap intelligence. We turned eight years old in 2011 and to me companies are like people in their development. At eight years old we can run and jump and solve long division problems. We can take care of ourselves, feed ourselves, even tie our own shoes, but we know that our best ...
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New gapDataCenter - Automatic for the People

On December 19th, we launched an upgraded version of our Data Center ( The launch was actually Release #5 of the 3rd version of the Data Center, so for you gapDataCenter super fans out there, this would be episode DCv3 R5.

DCv3 R5 keeps all of the great features of our old data center, but adds a number of new applications ...
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On the Search for Truth – The HP Ink Challenge

As part of its ongoing quest to demonstrate HP ink’s quality and reliability versus third party consumables, ink guru, Thom Brown, wanted to find out what real consumers’ experiences, thoughts, and opinions were. Like most things Thom does, there was to be a creative yet methodical process to approach this question. And so the HP Ink Challenge ...
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gapNews: How low can ultrabooks go? Toshiba drops to $699

How low can ultrabooks go? How about $699.
Toshiba ultrabook is priced at $699 this week at Best Buy. Toshiba ultrabook is priced at $699 this week at Best Buy.
(Credit: Best Buy) 

How low can ultrabooks go? How about $699.

Let there be no doubt that Toshiba is setting the pace for ultrabook pricing so far. After debutingat $799 last month, the Portege Z835 is now down to$699 at Best Buy.

"They have a ...
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Generation Gap at gap

For those that don’t know gap intelligence, we have a great history of being a young, hip and energetic company. This made for a tough transition when I came on board because I’m old, square, and haven’t stayed up past 11pm since Chevy Chase and John Belushi were on Saturday Night Live.

The transition started on my first day, when I wore my ...
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Tis the Season

Now that Halloween has passed and Starbucks now serves up tasty beverages (ie peppermint mocha) in their cliché “winter-themed” cups, it’s officially time for the holiday season! With Black Friday in the past and the hint of snow in the air.... well maybe not snow in San Diego… I thought I would catch up with my fellow gappers to see if they ...
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When retailer and e-commerce websites get redesigned, gap intelligence notices. Our data analysts regularly spot new color schemes and different layouts while gathering specs or aligning part numbers (fun!) and we especially notice when the location of the almighty price tag moves because it forces us to adjust the code for how our web-crawler ...
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HP to Keep PC Division, Re-Enter the Tablet Business?!?!

Just five weeks into her job and three and a half months after HP pulled the plug on WebOS and its WebOS-based Touchpad line, Meg Whitman today announced that HP plans to retain its PC division and re-enter the tablet business. However, behold, HP may never bring another WebOS tablet to the market. While HP arguably sees a future in tablets, ...
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Gunga galunga...gunga- gunga lagunga.

I love Holiday Cards. Holiday Cards are the one time in the year to take breathe from the day to day rat race of compiling data, writing reports, and putting together a presentation on the industry and just say "Thank You". Thank you for your support, thank you for being there, thank you for you continued kindness, and looking forward to ...
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Walking for our Future...

Recently, Gap Intelligence has been voted in the top tier of local companies for several categories (beating a certain well known North County brewery in at least two), one of San Diego's healthiest companies among them. To that end, there are two important upcoming 5k's in November that many employees are walking/running in, some are even ...
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Sign of the Times: Desktop Pricing Under Pressure

In contrast to the pre-recession boom times, consumers and businesses continue to be more careful about how they spend their money. This ongoing shift toward conservative spending habits in the US is having an impact on both PC hardware makers and channels resellers. Some consumers are holding off on making purchases this year, as evidenced by ...
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Brazil’s Five-Decade-Long Rollercoaster of Inflation

After more than 50 years, it’s hard not to wonder if Brazil will ever regain full control of its monetary system. The country has been fighting to restrain its runaway inflation since former President Juscelino Kubitschek pioneered the creation of Brasilia. The government didn’t have enough money to build its new city, so if there’s not enough ...
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The Gapper’s Newman Survival Guide

Are you tired of letting Newman get you down?

Are you sick of using heavy objects on your desk as a way to punish your computer every time Newman deletes one of your reports? Have you ever cried, cursed, or injured a body part while trying to deal with Newman? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must read this very important ...
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We are on an Award Tour....

Our culture is our greatest asset. gap intelligence is a special place that encourages professional growth and development in a truly inspirational environment. We have our own conference (gapCon 2012 - June 8th), our own gapUniversity (, and a realization that our business has an inherent responsibility to give back to our ...
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gapDataCenter R4

I feel for Bill Gates and his Windows development teams and I especially hurt for Leo Apotheker and HP's team of WebOS developers.

Software is a stinker.

gap intelligence's latest Data Center (DCv3.) is one of the very first software projects taken on by the company. Before the platform's launch last April, I was one of the millions of people ...
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gapNews: Acer Ultrabook Confirmed At Sub-$900, Could Ignite Price War

Acer has set pricing for its forthcoming S3 Aspire ultrabook at $899.99, making it the first vendor to break the $1,000 price barrier in the U.S. market.

New Age Electronics, the consumer electronics division of distributorSynnex(NYSE:SNX), is currently listing the product for its retail customers at the $899.99 price point, a Synnex ...
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So Bored of MPS….

Not really, actually. I’m still very interested in it, but I thought it was an attention-grabbing title and would serve as a good warning that this blog will not be about Managed Print Services. Instead, our latest blog will focus on a handful of notable trends ripped from the Price and Promotions Report Excel cells and Market Intelligence ...
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Fantasy vs. Reality

Let me start by saying I’m not trying to be sexist or stereotype women. But, I happen to live with four of them (a wife and 3 teenage daughters) so I have more insight than most men have the right (or desire) to know. You won’t hear me arguing when they talk about being the superior sex and I’m always amazed at their thoughtfulness, sensitivity ...
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the pico-letter v8.08 - Just Give VJ the Damn Ball

True story. The last article I read before leaving for Yosemite was from the New York Times entitled "HP - Palm Deal Looks Better with Time". The August 16th article compared HP's $1.2 billion purchase of Palm versus Google's $12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility. The article reaped praise on former HP CEO Mark Hurd's decision to grab ...
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And away they go...

A couple weeks ago, gap made an appearance at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club to enjoy the San Diego summer and bet on some ponies. People’s experiences with the race track ranged from first timers to experienced betters (Josh!). Luckily, Josh held a gapU class the day prior to the races and filled us in on the rules of fashion, etiquette, and ...
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the pico-letter v8.07 - The End of an Era: HP Wants Out of the PC Business

This month marks 30 years since the personal computer was first introduced to the world - since 1981, companies like HP, IBM, and Apple, among many others, have helped to pioneer one of the most influential industries of our time. And somewhat ironically, as the personal computer celebrates 30 years this month, HP revealed that it is seeking to ...
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gapNews: HP Partners Startled By TouchPad's Demise, Uncertain WebOS Future

byAmy Berryhill, CRN

August 19, 2011 5:02 PM ET

Thedeath of the TouchPad tablet and the uncertain future of WebOS representbig issues for Hewlett-Packard, but partners may also be affected by the fallout.

Patricia Cuadros, sales director at Tru Technical Partners in Campbell, Calif., said internal documentation her company created for the ...
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Why HP's PSG Spin Off could Threaten IPG's Dominance

Coming out of HP’s whirlwind day of announcements, earnings reports, and strategic restructurings, I have to admit I’m a little spent.

I haven't seen a company this big and prominent do such an abrupt about-face in a long, long time. In fact, maybe never. It shouldn't be a huge surprise given the trouble they had selling the TouchPad, but webOS ...
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A Love Story.

I'd like to tell you a story. It's a story of passion and love, of heartache and sorrow. There are laughs and smiles, as well as some tears. It all started 4 years ago, in September of 2007. At the time, I was just enjoying a summer of all sorts of activities, vacations, friends, and family. It was a glorious time in my life and a summer I will ...
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gapNews: Dell Discontinues Streak 5-Inch Tablet In U.S.

Dell(NSDQ:Dell)on Thursday discontinued the Streak 5 tablet in the U.S. by placing a farewell message on itslanding page for the Streak 5, which now reads "Goodbye Streak 5. It's been a great ride."

In reality, the Streak 5's ride was bumpy from the ...
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Laptop prices: How low can they go?

By Deron Kershaw, Notebook market analyst

Consumers in the U.S. aren't buying as many laptops as they used to so vendors and retailers are responding the best way they know how ... by lowering prices. Scan the notebook assortment at most major retailers and you'll get the sense that the holidays have come early. Sale prices that were previously ...
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Owning A Signed eBook – Yes You Read it Right… A Signed eBook!

Remember standing in those long lines to get your books signed by your favorite authors and the excitement of meetingthem in person. Well now consider this, with the recent emergence of eReaders and advent of ebooks, how are you going to own a signed ebook, or more important to the industry, how are publishers going to replace the valuable ...
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The Value of an Ad Dollar

According to gap intelligence advertising data, circular advertising for ink supplies has increased by almost 60 percent for the first eight months of 2011 compared to the same time in 2010. Manufacturers are dedicating more of their ad dollars toward ink supplies in an effort to push the razor blade part of the equation and increase their ...
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Which Store is the Greener Way to go?

It is easy to recycle your ink cartridges or toners, but which store can you benefit most from?

If you have been throwing away your ink cartridges or toners, you are not the only one. Every second 13 cartridges are thrown away, yes every second isn’t that just crazy? Cartridge Fundraising

I have done my research with four different stores, ...
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U.S. Business Challenged by China Retail Market

Ever heard of KFG? Though it may not initially ring any bells, someone visiting China would immediately recognize the iconic red and white stripes, accompanied by a bucket featuring a Colonel Sanders look-alike. These differences can be partially attributed to KFC’s success in the region, as well as an updated menu that includes regional ...
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Geekfest 2011!

This year on July 22-23, I was among the nerds, geeks, vampire lovers, TV junkies, and internet addicts who joined together and united at the yearly San Diego geekfest known as Comic-Con International at the San Diego Convention Center. Fandom is a strong addiction and an insatiable urge! And let me tell you, having been lucky enough to grow up ...
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gap intelligence: the documentary

by Rebecca Erbe.

gap intelligence from Rebecca Erbe on Vimeo.

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Seeing a Distributed Future

By now the theory of A3 MFP pages and placements migrating to A4 devices is far from groundbreaking. Most industry watchers have been beating that drum for years and the key printer vendors have touted the A4 value proposition for even longer. We’ve all agreed on the hardware price, page volume, page size, and emerging market reasons behind ...
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MPS for SMBs and the 80-Percent Market Opportunity

One interesting observation about the B2B market is that companies tend to do business with other like-sized companies. Therefore, when we look for insights about SMB customers, we tend to look closely at small to mid-sized channel resellers. This rule of thumb generally holds true when we investigate the managed print services (MPS) market.

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All I Need to Know in Life I Learned from My First Year at gap intelligence

1. Save your work frequently!!!

2. Always read the fine print. Especially when dealing with Fry’s Electronics’ ads ($390 BEFORE savings…)

3. Don’t procrastinate!

4. Be wary of leaving useful items at your desk, as there’s a good chance someone at work will use your pen/scissors/tape and forget where they belonged.

5. If you drink all the coffee, ...
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San Diego Habitat for Humanity

gap intelligence is a values led corporation and company culture is our most valued and precious asset. We believe that our work should contribute to something bigger than ourselves and that we, as a company, have an obligation to give back to the local community.

We contribute in many ways. Some members of the team are contributors and board ...
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hhgregg 'Price and Advice. Guaranteed'

We here at gap intelligence LOVE data and we love data even more from the stores we ourselves don't typically have the chance to visit on a consistent basis.

We recently added several new regions to our nationwide field of collectors including Tampa, Newark, Manhattan and Omaha. Naturally, along with these new regions come new stores and new ...
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the pico-letter v8.05: Apple and the Youth Market

College students have never been more popular than today. No, not in terms of Facebook friends, although that's likely true. Rather, it's because of their role in the consumer electronics market. Every major CE manufacturer is targeting their demographic. David Roman, the new CMO at Lenovo, admitted recently that "the only way to build a ...
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New Kid on the Block

Hi Everyone! I'm Lyndsey Love-Blue, I'm kind of a big deal so I need two last names. No actually I recently married about six months ago and couldn't bear to give up Love as my last name. I am very excited to join the Gap Intelligence team and will be working in the desktops category as a Research Analyst. Who wouldn't want to work for Gap ...
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One more gapCon Video

Our great friend, Bill Roberts of SDRobertsmultimedia, was kind enough to create an awesome video that summarizes what gapCon is all about. Enjoy!

Thanks, Bill!
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gap intelligence: 2011 San Diego Best Places to Work Finalist!

gap intelligence is proud to announce that the company was a Finalist as this year's San Diego's Best Places to Work, a program hosted by the San Diego Business Journal. This was our first year to enter the program and we finished within the top 10 small sized companies in San Diego County.

We believe there are plenty of reasons for us to be a ...
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Retailers: Where is Your Tablet Section?

Anyone who is following the tablet market knows the pace at which vendors are announcing and now shipping products to the channel. The category has exploded in terms of number of players from a single vendor in April 2010 (read Apple here) to 19 vendors currently selling tablets in the 18 retail chains monitored by gap intelligence each week. ...
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Bump, Set, Spike!

The sand was hot but the Gap University Fighting Hedgehogs were hotter. They proved their athletic prowess in the Vavi 4v4 co-ed Beach Volleyball league in Ocean Beach. Although the competition was tough (for a social league), the Hedgehogs were able to extend their winning streak by 2 games, putting their overall record to 2-0-0. The Hedgehogs ...
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From Non-OEMs to Koala Yummies

We meet again blog-readers! First things first, I am the new analyst for the BRC categories here at gap, and I am looking forward to learning my way around Brazil, Russia, and China (though currently I only travel via interweb). The world of consumables and printers is quite different from my comfort zone of notebooks, but equally exciting in ...
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New to Gap and excited to be here...

Hello! My name is Karen Thies…oh wait, sorry, Karen Hartzman! I got married just 3 months ago and I am still getting used to my new last name. After getting married in February, I had almost everything I could have hoped for: a wonderful husband, a new house, a cute puppy, a great family, etc, etc. But one thing was missing…an enjoyable job ...
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the pico-letter v8.04 - The Changing Rules of Retail and the Shrinking Shelf

Ten years ago Walmart superstores opened everywhere. Over the past three years, Target stores added groceries to their already large product assortment. Best Buy became the ultimate electronics store stocking everything from TVs to electric scooters. The theme? Large stores offering anything a consumer might want in a single location and on ...
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Technological Advancements DO Exist in the Paper Industry...Enter ColorLok

Office paper - some say it is becoming unfashionable…I say it is still evolving and new trends are on the horizon. Sure, consumers and businesses are using less paper than they ever have before, but that doesn’t mean paper is on the outs just yet. In fact, there are plenty of developments in the paper industry that aim to improve the quality of ...
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the pico-letter v8.03 - HP’s Trojan Horse

Considering that HP is one of the clear Managed Print Services leaders, at first glance it can be amazingly hard to envy the vendor’s role in the MPS market because of its massive install base of easy-to-manage and often-consolidated printers.

In a best case scenario, HP or one of its channel partners wins an MPS account that mainly uses non-HP ...
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Good Enough Computing and the Future of Desktop PCs

We gappers dedicate most of our time examining market changes in relatively short, weekly bursts. A new desktop arrives up at Best Buy, I write about it on Monday afternoon, and by Tuesday morning its old news and I’m already back in retail. There aren’t many other market research firms that work at such a fast pace, and it allows us to deliver ...
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Calling All Bugs!

Over the weekend, gap intelligence launched our latest online Data Center, DCv3 (Data Center version 3). The weekend's launch culminates over a year's worth of planning, outlining, debating, programming, devils advocating, hole punching, code crunching, and ego stomping. We hope that the new Data Center gives our customers a better user ...
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Next Steps for Acer

Global PC sales fell in the first quarter for the first time in a year and a half and Acer has undoubtedly suffered the most. Over the last couple weeks Acer has swapped CEOs and changed its logo. It's not a bad start, but the company will need to do more than change CEOs and revamp its logo to stop its free fall.

Go "all in" with tablets - ...
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The Wonderful World of Retail

Hi, my name is Christine and although there are a couple of newbies to the gap family, I believe I am officially the newest gapper (perhaps by a mere couple of days) and I couldn't feel more honored. I joined gap intelligence in the midst of our move from downtown to <<beautiful Liberty Station at the start of the year. Unlike any company ...
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From Content Consumption to Content Creation

When HP’s Todd Bradley was asked about the future of PCs with the emergence of tablets and how that would affect the sales of PCs, Mr. Executive Vice President announced that, “Tablets are not going to cannibalize notebook sales, but are adjacent to notebooks.” He revealed that, “Tablets are phenomenal for content consumption, while PCs are ...
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AI: HP Toner Cartridge Shortage: It’s Not Over

HP Toner Cartridge Shortage: It’s Not Over

The HP 85A remains in short supply 

Last January, news websites and industry publications began reporting that there was a shortage of the HP CE285A, or 85A, black toner cartridge used in the monochrome LaserJet Pro P1102w printer and LaserJet Pro M1212 MFP. The shortage left some distributors out ...
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Printers, printers, printers...

Natasha Belak-Berger is a new employee here at gap intelligence and here is a quick Question and Answer session with her:

Q: Give me a little background about yourself.

A: I was born and raised in southern California and don’t think I could ever leave! I recently graduated from UCSD from Thurgood Marshall with a degree in Human Biology. More ...
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Back to School...

Going back to school is typically associated with the end of summer: warm days, fond memories, and back-to-school shopping. In the Gap office however, we have the heater going, excel memories, and we write about back-to-school shopping. We are going back to school, but we’re not exactly packing our bags…though brown-bagging is encouraged. ...
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Humans interacting with computers, or computers interacting with humans?

Earlier this week IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, destroyed its human opponents in a three day “Jeopardy!” challenge. Watson earned a staggering $77,147, with former champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, following behind with earnings of $24,000 and $21,600, respectively.

In preparation for the game show, Watson was fed 200 million pages of text, ...
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I Saw Bigfoot. Bigfoot Likes MPS.

I Saw Bigfoot. Bigfoot Likes MPS.

Let’s roll the clocks back about four years. A little known company called Memjet made its first public appearance in March 2007. A grainy webcast witnessed by hundreds of the printing industry's most established players showed a video of an inkjet printer spitting out page after page of color documents at never ...
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What Does David Stern Know About Falling Color CPCs?

Everyone who knows me well also knows that I love the Boston Celtics. Of course, I have other interests, but the Celts have been a constant part of my life as long as I can remember. I’ve dressed up as Larry Bird for Halloween, I may be the only 30 year old with Celtics slippers, Tommy Heinsohn is featured in my Google Talk profile pic, and the ...
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So Much to Learn About Desktops...

Hi! My name is Adam Wagner and I am one of the newest Gappers. About two months ago in the midst of the holiday season I started as a Research Assistant at Gap Intelligence. I look forward to being able to support the computers team, in particular Keenan, the desktop analyst!

I am so excited to be at Gap! In my two months here, we have moved ...
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AMD Sees Opportunity as Intel Stumbles

If you haven’t already heard, Intel last week announced a recall for all of its new Sandy Bridge processors because of a faulty chipset. The massive recall is expected to be one of the worst in the company’s history and may cost over $1 billion in expenses and lost revenues. Before the problem was found, an estimated 8 million chips were ...
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Apple is honey bear tested and Cupid approved

Valentine’s Day is upon us. If this is a shock, don't worry, there is still time to get your act together and gift creatively. Rather than going the typical flower and candy route, why not give your Valentine something a little cooler? Monitoring the daily activities of IT manufactures hints that Apple is the best place to help you profess your ...
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How Long Does It Take Retailers to Respond to a Recall?

Ever wonder how long it takes retailers respond to a recall? We got to see first-hand this week after Intel announced a flaw in its newest "Sandy Bridge" processor line. After Intel issued the recall on 1/31, I was anxious to see which new notebooks were still on shelves during our weekly price collection.

Here is what we saw:

  • Best Buy - Pretty ...
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gap has an app

Armin Heinrich’s short lived iPhone app called “I am rich” did nothing. The app didn’t give you directions, offer up a trivia game of any kind, or play music. Armin’s app did just one thing – display a jewel on your iPhone at a cost of $999.99. Essentially the app existed to be a simple way for rich people to show off wealth – dropping a cool ...
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The Ghosts of gap’s Past

At gap intelligence we know how to work hard and we also know how to play hard. This year’s annual gap intelligence holiday party was epic to say the least. We toasted to our successes over the last year and wetoasted to our future new office at Liberty Station.

The eight plus hour party involved four stops and a super sweet party bus to ...

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Office and Production Printing Year in Review

It’s hard to define a year. Some folks may call 2010 a recovery year. Other print industry watchers may call it the year of MPS, the year of services, or the year of the A4s depending on their focus (or bias). Whatever you want to call it, 2010 was certainly quite eventful and I believe set the stage for an even more exciting 2011, especially ...
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The $212,267 Apple 1

Italian business man Marco Boglione is the proud new owner of a $212,267 Apple 1 computer. You may be curious as to what would make this particular Apple computer’s price sky rocket to such an enormous amount. What sort of amazing features does this pricey Apple 1 offer? To be completely honest, the features are lacking and it is safe to assume ...
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Are You Buying a Tablet This Holiday???

Tablets tablets tablets…. I am pretty sure that there is no one who does not know about tablets at this point. Tablets, including both multifunctional devices such as Apple’s iPad and dedicated eReaders like Amazon’s Kindle are expected to be the hot selling item this holiday shopping season, and no vendor or retailer is leaving any stone ...
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Cooking up market intelligence at Gap Intelligence

Hello everyone, my name is Liana and I joined Gap a few months ago as a Market Analyst Assistant. Everyone has made me feel so welcome and given me a tremendous amount of help; I can’t believe how much I have learned in just over five months.

Last summer, I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I earned my degree in Agribusiness ...
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Grouchy Old Printer Guy

My birthday was just last Wednesday (I’m not telling my age) and I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. My “office”, which has the same privacy as Les Nessman’s from WXRK in Cincinnati (dating myself), was covered from top to bottom in decorations to trumpet the day. The gapian crew brought in hundreds of pounds of BBQ for lunch ...
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4G: Coming Soon or Already Here?

If you were annoyed with the AT&T vs. Verizon marketing battle over who has the most 3G coverage in the US, you may want to hibernate for the next few years. Carriers are gearing up to roll out 4G networks soon and the respective marketing teams are preparing for battle. In fact, they're already grossly over-exaggerating their offerings. ...

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Extending the Life of the Printed Page

As an analyst for the office and production printing industries, so many of the solutions and innovations that I’ve seen have been intended to build a better pipeline between content and printing devices. In terms of driving page growth, some of these innovations have been unequivocal successes, starting with advent of networked printers and ...
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Truth Alone Triumphs

One week after returning home from my trip to India, I find myself sitting on my couch watching Slumdog Millionaire. Paying more attention to the background details and scenery than to the dialogue and storyline, I easily get lost in my thoughts and reminiscence of my recent adventure. Now, prior to visiting the country, I will admit that my ...
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Apple Love

I love Apple. I use multiple Apple products every day. I get excited to walk into Apple’s candy colored immaculate stores. I walk through the different sections enamored with each product. I could spend hours exploring each product’s nuances. Surprisingly enough though, my love of all things Apple wasn’t love at first sight; it was more like a ...
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gap intelligence at Delmar – Where the Turf Meets the Surf!

We gapians work hard and like to party even harder. So, when summer officially kicked in, Team gap intelligence went to the Delmar Race tracks –‘where the turf meets the surf’. Team gap intelligence is becoming a regular there, as this is our second visit to the track in the last two years, but for a few like me this was the first time.

The day ...
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Have You Seen Me?

Airlines have lost my bags several times. In most cases, my bags would miraculously appear a few days later, or in one instance, three weeks later and adorned with random stickers from around the world. This latest MIA episode is different as my bag is completely gone, missing, vanished, a runaway. If I could submit a picture of my red suitcase ...
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Electronics Graveyard

The intern “station” at gap intelligence is more or less a mobile unit. In fact, it has already moved twice in the three months that I’ve been here. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the change of scenery. The new locale even boasts a window view. On the desk to my right is a slightly less visually appealing pile of out-of-commission monitors, ...
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Race for Moms

In California alone, more than 21,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and about 192,000 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in the U.S. last year.

The best part is, this is just one of hundreds of races. The event in Sacramento is but a blip on the radar – there’s a race in nearly every major city in the U.S. plus at ...
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Environmental Hypocrisy

On April 22, 2010, the world celebrated the 40th edition of Earth Day. According to , it is the largest secular event in the world with over 1 billion people participating in over 190 countries. This number was surprising to me because I barely remember reading anything about the event that allegedly included 1/7 of the population. Other than ...

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Panasonic’s A3 Exit - Not a Transitional Milestone

Here in the office printing analyst community, few forecast drum beats can be heard as loudly as claims of the imminent consolidation of copier vendors and the looming obsolescence of the A3 format. These forecasts have gained increasing clout during the last year as the floundering economy expedited Oce’s path to acquisition and the emergence ...
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We Are Here

Pre-Blog Request:

Please start this Youtube video before reading the post. Thank you kindly – Blogger.

My new “All Time Favorite Picture” was just recently posted on NASA’s Goddard Photo and Video

Flikr account. Captured by the Mars Exploration Rover Unit Spirit One from the surface of that distant planet, it is the first recorded image of ...

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Health Insurance Up 58%

Almost one year ago today I wrote a blog piece about gap intelligence’s new experiment on health insurance. gap intelligence, like millions of other small companies across the country, kept a very close eye on expenses as the global economy came to a grinding halt.

Health insurance was one of our biggest expenses and we were challenged to find ...
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Seven Months. Nine Trips.

If you’d like to make plans with me it will have to wait till September. My jet-setting began in February and will continue all the way through August. I have planned nine trips over seven months! My travels include the following cities in this order: San Francisco, Napa, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, San Jose, Santa ...

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RFID Technology – A boon for retail, but questions still abound

It’s no secret that the most successful retailers have the best knowledge of their products, their supply chain, and their customers. The faster and more consistently a chain can process and respond to changes in these areas, the more competitive they are likely to be. Conventional inventory management relies on line-of-sight tracking; an ...

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Happy Birthday Gap!

Gap turned 7 last month!

When I was a kid, turning 7 meant that I got my first pair of roller blades and a new ninja turtles VHS. But most importantly, it meant I was allowed to invite friends over for all-you-can-eat pizza, fruit snacks, juice boxes, and a trip to the arcade! As it turns out, there is an arcade for “grown-ups” today and we got ...

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Trisha Weinberg Starts PR Internship at gap intelligence!

Hi everyone! My name is Trisha Weinberg and I just joined the gap intelligence team as an intern. I’m so excited to have found an opportunity like this to work in the field of public relations. I am currently a communication major hoping to transfer to UCSD this fall. If there is one thing I’ve learned so far about finding the perfect career, ...

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New Intern Adrienne Akre Joins gap intelligence!

Hello everyone, my name is Adrienne Akre and I’m the newest intern here at gap intelligence! I’m excited to be here and looking forward to sinking my teeth into this PR thing. I just started my final quarter at UCSD, where I am majoring in sociology. I know, it seems strange that I’m a sociologist interning for a marketing intelligence ...

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iPad to Kill eReaders - Not Yet!

Apple last week launched its much hyped iPad tablet, selling approximately 300,000 units on the first day. The company also announced that at least one book was downloaded within several hours of the purchase of each unit. Several online blogs announced that the iPad would be the eReader market leader and called it the ‘Kindle Killer’. The ...

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Spring Intern Program Blossoms at gap intelligence!

With the official onset of the spring season and semester, gap intelligence’s internship program is in full swing again!

The department consists of two new enthusiastic and bright interns, Adrienne and Trisha (check out their blogs!), who will help to manage the public ...

Last Friday, the Los Angeles Times featured a faux-cover with a HUGE picture of Johnny Depp as the Madhatter in promotion of the opening of Alice in Wonderland. If this isn’t advertising, I don’t know what is. To take out a full-color ad creating a cover wrap for the newspaper ...

As proclaimed many times on this blog, we don’t have huge reserves of marketing and advertising funds at our disposal. You won’t see television ads about gap intelligence, you won’t see our amazingly detailed market intelligence databases touted on the back of the New York ...

Happy 30th birthday to the compact disc! It?s amazing that 30 years ago a few Dutchmen at Philips with some help from Sony created the Compact Disc as part of an optical digital audio disc demo in 1979. Three years later on October 1, 1982, Billy ...

As I was racing through the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during this years CES show, something caught my ?parental? eye. I rarely get a chance to stop and look at all the gadgets, since we?re typically racing from one meeting to another. However, as the father of a 3 year old ...

gap intelligence?s first headquarters was actually a donated cubicle from

, a friend?s company that had extra warehouse space (and original headquarters) in the East Village of downtown San Diego.

The office on 365 15th Street was a perfect start for the business ? the ...

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