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The email Gary Thinks Larry Page Should Have Written to James Damore

You have probably read about the “Google Memo” by now. In August, James Damore, a search engineer at Google wrote an internal memo that challenged the company’s diversity initiatives. Damore argued that Google’s politically inspired diversity initiatives had created an echo chamber that prevented critical debate. ...

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How Satya Got Microsoft’s Groove Back

Microsoft is back.

The evidence is everywhere you look. The company’s Surface Pro 4 tablet is “hugely impressive” and “the best tablet-laptop hybrid around.” The company’s Azure cloud computing service is on pace to turn a profit for the first time this year. The company’s Glassdoor rating, which was ...

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Who is gap intelligence?

"Who is gap intelligence?" asks the person next to me in the elevator.

It’s one of my favorite questions. I hear it from friends, family, neighbors, partners, prospects, fellow leaders in my local network, and anybody else I happen upon when I’m out in the wild - including during elevator rides. (I also regularly hear it ...

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Satya’s Search for the Meaning of Microsoft

In interviews during the final months of his life, Steve Jobs gave some of his best advice on business as well as his harshest criticisms. Jobs’ most potent venom was aimed at once innovative companies that had lost their way by promoting the head of sales to the head of the company. Jobs’ most specific example of an innovative company gone bad ...

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