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Super Bowl Stats Inspire how to determine if a Laser Cartridge is Remanufactured or Compatible

2015-01-13_1147_i_love_statsI love a good statistic. The numbers have such a way of drawing you in to make you read more, because what good is a stat without a fun fact behind it? This is a great time of the year for stats because the Super Bowl is right around the corner, and it’s impossible to watch football without hearing a couple dozen of them. I also have some Super ...
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Want a Refill?

Over the last seven years, ink refilling has gone through some ups and downs, and as this point, it remains questionable how popular the non-OEM option will remain long term. As the service became more popular several years ago, national and regional retailers began offering ink refilling to customers in-store as a low cost option. Retailers ...
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Vendors Target On-the-Go Professionals with Mobile Inkjet SFPs

As a declining number of users are printing at home, inkjet manufacturers are working to grow sales of inkjet devices by focusing their efforts on other new segments. While inkjet manufacturers have found an opportunity for growth in the business inkjet AiO segment, vendors are also focusing on the mobile inkjet SFP market to target on-the-go ...
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The Aftermarket Takes a Stand… Together

OEMs have long been active at protecting the intellectual property of their laser cartridges, but the one that we’ve been hearing the most from recently is Canon. Just in the past two years, the vendor has initiated two cartridge-related lawsuits in both the U.S. ITC and U.S District Court for the Southern District of New York against more than ...
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Shelf Share: A Revealing Research Tool

Whenever someone asks me to describe my job as an industry analyst, I tell them that what I essentially do is market research. Market research is used as a tool for a variety of purposes, but the kind of market research that I do involves the “Four P’s” of marketing: products, placements, prices, and promotions. One trend that I return to time ...
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gap Babies– There Must Be Something In the Water

According to a recent analysis of gap intelligence, there seems to be “something in the water” at the company. During the last 15 months, there have been 6 new additions born into the gap family. Babies always seem to bring so much joy to people, and we have certainly felt that here at gap. Every time one of the babies comes through, you can’t ...
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Get to know gap - 20 Questions Style

Ever wondered what random thoughts and ideas lurk in the minds of gap employees? If you haven’t sat around coming up with unique and weird questions to ask your coworkers, then you’ve clearly never been at a loss for a blog topic. Since I have experienced both of these phenomenons, I thought it only fair to share what I found out when I posed ...
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HP Commits to Instant Ink Program with Expansion of Pro Service

Earlier this year, HP announced an expansion to its Instant Ink program with Instant Ink Professional. The professional leg of the program is for the company’s Officejet Pro X printer line, which was originally announced in February 2013. Instant Ink has been a huge area of focus for the OEM since its September 2013 launch nationwide at Best ...
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Go North Herbie!

Nothing says summer like a trip to Alaska. While many were basking in the California sunshine, Herbie headed north to Canada this summer where he was met with clouds, rain and cold weather. From Vancouver, Herbie then embarked on an Alaskan adventure for a week and returned to Vancouver for a few more days of sightseeing. Come travel along to ...
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Catching Up with the Aftermarket at the RT Imaging Summit

At the end of May, I had the pleasure of attending the RT Imaging Summit, hosted by Recycling Times Media (RT). The event was designed to discuss questions and issues faced by the North American remanufacturing market, and (hopefully) provide attendees with solutions. Around 100 people attended the event, a pretty respectable turnout for the ...
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Herbie Takes a Road Trip!

If you’re reading our blog here at gap intelligence, then chances are you probably already have a good idea of who Herbie is and what a significant part he plays in gap culture. All of us have gotten well acquainted with the little hedgehog and travel with him to some pretty far places. So recently when I planned on a little road trip up the ...

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wellness the gap way


Last week San Diego Business Journal recognized gap Intelligence as one of the top 3 ranked companies in its Healthiest Companies Competition!


Huge shoutout to Cesar and Keenan, the wellness directors of gapU, who have really amped up the wellness program within the last couple of months. gapWellness now offers the following:

New and improved ...
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Smart TVs are Determined to Stay On Top

Brand new TV models for 2014 have been filling up store shelves over the past several weeks, tempting consumers with the latest features, slimmer profiles, and increasingly elegant designs. One of the main attractions for the past few years continues to be Smart functions, and manufacturers advertise their TVs’ capabilities front and center on ...
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Dynamics of The PC Chip War

It is well documented that the desktop PC category faces a number of challenges, more so today than ever before, and because of that, AMD and Intel’s battle for share has become even more fierce. A look at the PC market using data from gap intelligence’s PowerPivot-based Desktop PC report shows that Intel, which has always dominated the market, ...
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Using PowerPivot to View the Dynamic TV Marketplace

While playing around with our new PowerPivot TV file recently, I found myself thinking about the upcoming 2014 TV refresh season, and the increased concentration by the manufacturers on 4K TVs. How does the Ultra HD market look compared to the “regular” HD market, and will that change in the months to come?

Retail Shelf Share

The new PowerPivot ...
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second annual Drives for Rides golf tournament!!

Drives for Rides2


gap intelligence is a values-led company. We care. We care about our clients, about each other, and about our community. Our Time, Talent, and Treasure committee (3Ts) is driven to inspire community impact through charitable opportunities. On May 2, 2014, we will be hosting the second annual Drives for Rides golf tournament to ...
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Ultra HD: The TV of the Future, or Expensive Niche Product?

To those who are in the know, Ultra HD, or 4K, TVs are not a new concept. CES 2013 back in January saw most major manufacturers, and many lower-tier brands, showcasing their own versions of the new technology. But it’s amazing how many people still don’t know what Ultra HD means, and what’s so special about it.

In the simplest terms, Ultra HDTVs ...
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the pico-letter V10.05 – All in One PCs Shine

After 4 years as gap intelligence’s tablet analyst, I have become pretty used to covering a growing and constantly evolving product category. As I recently took over the role of Desktop PC analyst, I quickly realized that this category is a different ball game all together and would bring new and unique experiences. As soon as I started ...
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Oh the places he’ll go…

Herbie is neither big nor tall.

Actually he is quite small.

He loves to travel and as you’ll see,

He’s been to more places than you or me.

From coast to coast and sea to sea,

Herbie’s like Waldo; you’ll never know where he’ll be.

He’s traveled to Uzbekistan, chilled in New York’s Central Park, and

he’s even taken pictures in Alaska’s Glacier Bay ...
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What’s an Equestrian?!

Hey Everyone! My name is Laura Mashburn and I’ve been working at gap intelligence for around two weeks now. If you’d like an idea of who I am, two big parts of my life are riding horses (I’ve been doing it since I eight) and it’s probably helpful to know that I have an identical twin sister named Julie.

A little story of how I got into riding ...
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HP has TwoSmiles!

HP recently debuted a new product called TwoSmiles. The innovative product combines the print-at-home greeting card with the increasingly popular gift card, enabling users to create and print both from the convenience of home using their inkjet photo printer. gap intelligence recently spoke to HP representatives to understand where the concept ...
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‘Life’s Good’ at Lowes

Late in 2012, Lowe’s announced that during the first quarter of 2013, it would start adding LG home appliance products to over 1,700 of its locations nationwide. As the second largest home improvement retailer in the world, Lowe’s’ strategic partnership with LG strives to boost the retailer closer to the top spot, currently held by its main ...
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Retail Data Collector #7: Vanessa from Newark

The latest edition of the Retail Data Collector blog series features Vanessa from Newark. Vanessa has been with gap for a long time and although she is technically our Newark collector, she also braves her way into the big NYC for us every week to collect at a few stores there.

Location: New Jersey(Jersey Shore)

Q: How long have you been working ...
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gapCon is in the Air

It’s that time of year again.

The days are getting longer, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the people of gap intelligence are hard at work putting together a new round of presentations to share with our friends and family.

That’s right. gapCon is back, hitting Liberty Station on Friday June 7th!




The third annual gapCon promises ...
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Retail Data Collector #6: Jamie from Omaha

My latest blog in the Retail Data Collector blog series features Jamie from Omaha. I had known Jamie for several years before I started working at gap and when we needed to hire a collector in Omaha, I knew that she would be a great fit.

Location: Omaha, NE

Q: How long have you been working with gap?

A: 1 Year

Q: How did you get involved with gap? ...
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I Want My Time-Shifted, Ad-Free, Customized TV

There was a time, in the mid-1900s, when you had two choices for TV viewing: broadcast television or cable. Satellite TV and pay-per-view joined the landscape early on, which allowed subscribers to pay for access to a private telecast of a certain event. Each of these options left the viewer at the mercy of programmers and their schedules for ...
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Lessons Learned from the Surface RT

Microsoft’s first Windows 8 Pro tablet, the new Surface Pro will become available in less than 10 days. Yes, this is the new Surface!


How is it different from the Surface that you have already seen advertised on giant billboards across the country or in TV ads since October 2012. To start with, the new Surface Pro is equipped with an Intel X86 ...
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Opportunity for HP’s HotSpot Printer in China

Wireless capabilities have made a big impact on the printing industry. The technology allows us to print documents to a printer that could be on the other side of the world, as well as print from our mobile devices from virtually anywhere in the world.

Now, HP has introduced a printer into the Chinese market that not only offers wireless ...
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TVs: What’s Hot This Holiday Season?

Here at gap intelligence, we track retail day in and day out. Part of my job as the TV analyst is to visit a range of stores every week to check out the selection, the prices, and the displays. I also enjoy listening to how well the salespeople at various stores know their products, and find out how other people shop for TVs. This holiday ...
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Windows 8 Tablets Arrive!

The long awaited launch of Windows 8 finally brought in the first real commercial presence of Windows-based tablets. The latest OS to enter the tablet arena is slowly gaining a mainstream retail presence and generating a lot of buzz. However, there are still many unanswered questions, which I hopefully will be able to answer through this blog.
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Windows 8 PCs Slow to Arrive on Shelves

The PC industry has been struggling for the last couple years, but amidst the gloomy forecasts and weak financials there has been one constant hope: Windows 8. The new operating system was supposed to trigger a wave of refreshes and relieve pent up consumer and business demand. Microsoft updates its operating system every three or four years ...
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The ENF Holiday Toy Drive is Here!

gap intelligence’s 3Ts is proud to take part in the ENF Holiday Toy Drive this year. 3Ts, gap’s community service committee which stands for Time, Talent and Treasure, have hosted numerous events throughout the year, but this event is extra special. Why? The deserving recipients of the toys collected are the children in the Oncology/Hematology ...
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HP’s New Ink “Advantageous” for Emerging Regions

At HP’s recent Analyst Securities briefing, the company revealed plans to expand the availability of its Ink Advantage program for emerging regions from 10 countries to 82 countries, though a time frame was not specified. So far, HP has rolled out a new lineof Deskjet Ink Advantage devices across a number of developing regions. The devices ...
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Is Delivery a Game Changer?

Remember when Domino's started delivering pizza? How wonderful was that?!! Delivery was definitely a game changer in regards to the demand and popularity of pizza. Delivery allowed customers to stay in the comfort of their own home rather than spend time picking up dinner. It allowed the pizza to arrive warm in those heated bags until the ...
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gapGolf Event to Benefit ENF

Register here!!! Kennedy-Golf Registration and Donation Form

gap intelligence’s first annual (and ever) golf tournament will be held on March 15, 2013 and all proceeds will go to the Emilio Nares Foundation, a local non-profit here in San Diego that provides critical logistical support to families with a child fighting cancer. The Emilo Nares ...
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A TV Analyst Walks Into an Electronics Store

By now we’re all familiar with the retail buzzword “showrooming”, wherein consumers check out the latest and greatest products in retail, but then go online to find the best deals. Brick and mortar stores have been trying various tactics to combat the trend, such as store-specific SKUs or price-matching deals. Traditional retailers can view ...
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Yes, Photo Paper Usage is on the Decline…but….

Several years ago, printing companies gave consumers the ability to print photos from the comfort of their own homes, and it was revolutionary. With the influx of digital images, consumers were printing tons and tons of pictures and going through ink as it were their job – a manufacturer’s dream! The peak of in-home photo printing was in 2006 ...
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Retail Data Collector Feature #2: Continuing a Series

Back in April I started a blog series featuring our data collectors from around the country. For the next several blogs I write, I will highlight another collector. I am excited because this will give us the opportunity to get to know a little bit more about the people we work with every week but never see, and to put a fac

This month, my blog ...
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TV Shopping - Simplified

Here at gap intelligence we’re always trying something new and different, whether it’s organizing a conference or flying kites in the park. Our latest venture is most exciting to me personally because I get to be involved in the creation of a new product category! We recently opened up a TV segment, and I am very pleased to be able to shepherd ...
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Ping Pong Tourney 2012

As part of gapU’s commitment to office revelry, we thought a company-wide ping pong tournament would be just the ticket for springtime.

Athletics Director, Keenan created a bracket system that gappers enthusiastically played through over the course of a few weeks. Finally, two champions were left: Notebook analyst, Deron Kershaw and digital ...
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How Samsung Executed its "Premium" Notebook Strategy

Just about every manufacturer wants the word "premium" attached to its brand. It's a common refrain from vendors, particularly during quarterly earnings calls, who want to increase their margins and shift away from solely competing with rock-bottom prices. Though few have actually succeeded, it has been a relief to watch Samsung execute its ...
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Advanced Leadership Training: Your Facilitator/Leader

Rosemary Paetow, CPA is a well rounded and seasoned professional with over 30 years experience. She understands business from the inside out, working her way up the ranks to the C level (controller of a $50 mm company) before going out on her own. Her company installed and trained accounting software. Rosemary knows first hand about hiring, ...
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Advanced Leadership Training (Sister Companies)

Course Objectives:

gapUniversity MBA To provide a safe laboratory environment in which the leadership skills of Inspiration, Accountability, Decision Making and Feedback can be learned, practiced and integrated by each participant. Participants will learn to differentiate between leading and managing; and when each is needed. This interactive training leverages ...
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A Direct Question

It’s been hard to ignore the growing buzz surrounding the printing industry’s direct sales organizations during last several weeks as news of downsizing and branch closures placed a spotlight on the sustainability of the business model. Highlighted among the recent events were the transfer of Ricoh’s branches and commercial accounts in four ...
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Retailers Get Their Act Together, Create Dedicated Section for Tablets

Here at gap intelligence we monitor the pulse of retail. If you remember, I wrote a blog in June 2011 highlighting how tablets were positioned in multiple sections within a store, forcing consumers to walk the entire length and breadth of the store to explore different tablets. Times have changed with many retailers finally organizing their ...
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Bring it on, 2012

2011 is SO last year, am I right?

Here at GapU we're super stoked to start planning all the fun/educational student activities for the duration of the new year. To kick things off, we've invited gap intelligence camera analyst extraordinaire, Scott Peterson to join our Board of Directors. Scott was voted People's Choice at the 2011 Gappy Awards ...

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Gap Intelligence’s 2011 Printing Industry Year in Review

As we wind down the year, I think it is safe to say that 2011 was an interesting one for the print industry. Between the impact of currency, natural disasters, recessions, and civil unrest, it was hard at times to not view the market as snakebit, but in my opinion all of those hopefully short-term events took second stage to some very ...
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The Value of an Ad Dollar

According to gap intelligence advertising data, circular advertising for ink supplies has increased by almost 60 percent for the first eight months of 2011 compared to the same time in 2010. Manufacturers are dedicating more of their ad dollars toward ink supplies in an effort to push the razor blade part of the equation and increase their ...
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U.S. Business Challenged by China Retail Market

Ever heard of KFG? Though it may not initially ring any bells, someone visiting China would immediately recognize the iconic red and white stripes, accompanied by a bucket featuring a Colonel Sanders look-alike. These differences can be partially attributed to KFC’s success in the region, as well as an updated menu that includes regional ...
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Knock Knock. Who's there? Apple. Apple who?

Knock knock. Who's there? Apple. Apple who?
Knock knock. Who's there? Apple. Apple who?
Orange you glad I didn't say Apple again...oh wait. I did. Darn. But how could I not? The two hottest topics trending on Twitter this week were Apple and a certain Mr. Weiner. And well, the latter would have made for a fairly inappropriate joke.

Monday marked a ...
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Retailers: Where is Your Tablet Section?

Anyone who is following the tablet market knows the pace at which vendors are announcing and now shipping products to the channel. The category has exploded in terms of number of players from a single vendor in April 2010 (read Apple here) to 19 vendors currently selling tablets in the 18 retail chains monitored by gap intelligence each week. ...
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Bump, Set, Spike!

The sand was hot but the Gap University Fighting Hedgehogs were hotter. They proved their athletic prowess in the Vavi 4v4 co-ed Beach Volleyball league in Ocean Beach. Although the competition was tough (for a social league), the Hedgehogs were able to extend their winning streak by 2 games, putting their overall record to 2-0-0. The Hedgehogs ...
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the pico-letter v8.04 - The Changing Rules of Retail and the Shrinking Shelf

Ten years ago Walmart superstores opened everywhere. Over the past three years, Target stores added groceries to their already large product assortment. Best Buy became the ultimate electronics store stocking everything from TVs to electric scooters. The theme? Large stores offering anything a consumer might want in a single location and on ...
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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results

I am delighted to inform you that after careful consideration by the Office of Admissions you have been accepted into gap University’s class of 2011.

I could weep with happiness. In-line with the goals and plans outlined in this year’s company kickoff, gap intelligence has created its own university in hopes of building a strong and united ...
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gap intelligence...REVEALED!

Because of the nature of this blog, I am legally required to add in a Surgeon General's warning. Rather than enticing you with the good stuff, only to later overwhelm you with the thousands of awful possible side effects resulting from reading these next few paragraphs, I am going to right now quickly review how your life may be changed once ...
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