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Amazon, the Price Perception Leader

Amazon loyalists shop on trusting that they are getting a bargain. The Amazon value proposition certainly includes advantages that are more unique than the simple act of offering low prices (assortment, convenience, experience, speed, ubiquity, security), but it’s this perception of low pricing that helps make shopping on ...

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the pico-letter v8.04 - The Changing Rules of Retail and the Shrinking Shelf

Ten years ago Walmart superstores opened everywhere. Over the past three years, Target stores added groceries to their already large product assortment. Best Buy became the ultimate electronics store stocking everything from TVs to electric scooters. The theme? Large stores offering anything a consumer might want in a single location and on ...
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Our Worst Day

I. ?a?

death on black friday


we covet



timed promotions, early store openings ? a stop watch

c.?animal instinct to win



Black Friday expectations were lower than normal, but no one would have guessed that the day would bring the tragic death of Walmart employee, Jdimytai Damour.? Customers lined up outside a Long Island ...

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