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How We Do It

We Don't Just Study the Forest, We Study the Leaves

Our category-specific analysts, the rock stars of the intelligence world, are the first to turn over every stone in the marketplace to help you answer your most important questions. We don't drop data off at your door and wave goodbye. Our expert analyst team provides context and answers the questions that are unique to your business.

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    Why are my sales going up or down?

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    How can my product line stay competitive?

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    What future innovations and trends will impact my business?

Great Freakin' Data aka "GFD"

When you need to base your business decisions on facts instead of feelings. We take so much pride in the timeliness and accuracy of our GFD because it's the foundation for all our products and services. We geek out over GFD and you may even find yourself doing it too.

The fine print
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The 4Ps (Not a Boy Band)

Way beyond Marketing 101, the 4Ps are the nuts n' bolts of our GFD and our specialty:

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  • features
  • images
  • specifications
  • launch dates
  • part numbers
  • reseller numbers
  • product name
  • series name
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  • shelf
  • net
  • manufacturer
  • distributor
  • cost
  • cost-per-click
  • cost-per-page
  • advertised price
  • estimated retail price
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  • retail
  • e-commerce
  • electronic store
  • mass merchant
  • distributor
  • regional chain
  • warehouse club
  • endcap
  • carrier stores
  • shelf space
  • stack island
  • back inventory
  • floor placement
  • double tag
  • drug store
  • office supply store
  • home improvement store
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  • instant savings
  • instant rebate
  • mail-in rebate
  • gift card
  • merchant rewards
  • online promotion
  • in-store promotion
  • trade-in
  • sales circular
  • advertisement
  • recycling credit
  • bundles
  • sales price

Gather, Summarize, Analyze

We're your eyes and ears in the real world for products in the wild and in the works –

over 5 million data points every week.



We visit hundreds of retail locations, thousands of e-commerce pages, government contracts, public and private distributor publications, press releases, and trade shows to gather our GFD.



We extract changes, trends, new products, breakthroughs, and undercurrents.



Our category-specific analysts navigate through the data to "explain the why" and help you understand both what is going on and how it impacts your business.

The gap intelligence team of research experts have become a critical resource and one that we increasingly leverage and call upon. I view gap intelligence as an extension of our Market Intelligence team and their responsiveness and personalized service never cease to amaze me. Gap Intelligence is often our first point of contact to help provide fresh and relevant market and competitive intelligence!

Sr. Manager, Market and Competitive Intelligence

Coverage Areas


Business Printers
PC Monitors
Ink and Photo Supplies
Laser Printer Supplies
Personal and SOHO Printers
Wireless Routers

Home Appliances

Air Purifiers
Cooktops & Wall Ovens
Over-the-Range Microwaves

Consumer Electronics

Blu-ray Players
Digital Cameras
Digital Media Players
Digital Video Camcorders
Smart Wrist Wearables
Sound Bars
Voice Assistant Speakers